Jester’s Court — February 23-24, 2013


newsIn case British and American air forces need to work together, an incompatible secure communications system in their top planes will force communication over unsecured systems.

newsSan Diego’s mayor wants to join with Tijuana, Mexico, to bid on the 2024 Olympic Games.

governmentsA Connecticut State Senator has proposed a bill to ban anyone under 18 years of age from playing a “violent point and shoot” video game in an arcade.

governmentsIn Washington State, a loyalty oath ruled unconstitutional 50 years ago will remain on the books.

governmentsThe Second Amendment’s guarantee of a right to bear arms does not extend to the right to carry a concealed weapon in public, a federal appeals court has ruled.

governmentsOfficials in Texas announced that state troopers would no longer be allowed to open fire on suspects from helicopters.

fashionableBarack Obama will vacate the Oval Office for a major West Wing renovation project but will take up a desk in a “nearly identical replica.”

OopsArkansas State Senator Jason Rapert forgot to review the background on his Twitter page.

politicsThe Koch brothers are trying to figure out why all the money they spent in 2012 failed to win elections.

internationalOpponents of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi are voting in an online poll to send him where no Islamist leader has gone before: outer space.

internationalGermany’s Pirate Party is falling apart

quotesThe sponsor of an Indiana bill requiring a transvaginal ultrasound prior to abortion said it was to protect “another human life.”

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