Jester’s Court — February 4, 2013


newsIt’s confirmed that the skeleton of Richard III has been found beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England.

newsTexas Gov. Rick Perry urged the Boy Scouts not to give into “popular culture” and allow gays openly into their ranks.

internationalIran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he’s ready to be the first Iranian astronaut sent into space as part of Iran’s goal of manned space flight.

internationalA 200-year-old law forbidding women from wearing trousers in Paris has been abolished.

internationalIn response to a dispute over some islands in the South Pacific, Japan is increasing its 250,000-member army … by a whopping 287.

governmentsEfforts are growing in Congress to legalize marijuana.

governmentsIn Maryland, a county board of education is considering a copyright policy that takes ownership of the student’s work.

doubtfulAccording to Rick Santorum, if gays are allowed in the Boy Scouts, then the Scouts may not survive.

politicsIt doesn’t look like Tagg Romney is going to run for the senate in Massachusetts.

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