Jester’s Court — February 5, 2013


politicsAnn Romney for senate.

politicsMore voters consider an NRA endorsement as a negative than a positive.

half-witIn Somalia, a rape victim and the reporter that interviewed her were sentenced to one year in prison.

internationalThe Falkland Islands will be back under Argentine control within “20 years,” the country’s foreign minister Hector Timerman has said.

internationalBritain and France are moving towards legalizing same-sex marriage.

bizarreIn Britain, MPs can’t resign from office but they can get appointments for paid offices from the Crown and become ineligible to hold office.

awkwardNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been seen with a smartphone – prompting speculation he could be using a product made by arch enemy South Korea.

newsAn Illinois judge was found not guilty of a misdemeanor battery charge by reason of insanity, but the voters chose to retain her on the bench.

newsA Connecticut Congressman is requesting that Steven Spielberg correct his movie “Lincoln” to adequately portray Connecticut as anti-slavery.

governmentsAlabama and Mississipi remain the only two states with laws against home brewing. However, Alabama may legalize what is already legal under federal law.

governmentsCharlottesville, Va., has become the first city in the United States to formally pass an anti-drone resolution.

governmentsThe Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a state law enacted in 1884 that penalized judges for overdue decisions by docking one-quarter of their salary.

foolishVirginia continues to restrict allowable forms of identification for voters.

factsThe CBO predicts that the deficit will be at $845 billion for FY2013 and 5.3% of the GDP. That’s half of the percentage it was in 2009.

Source: Congressional Budget Office

Source: Congressional Budget Office


videoThe face of Richard III revealed.

videoNorth Korea releases a bizarre PR video of a dream involving a nuclear attack on New York City while “We are the World” plays. Update: North Korea and YouTube have removed the video because of copyright violations by North Korea for using Call of Duty footage in the video.

videoBarack Obama speaks in Swahili to the people of Kenya to avoid violence as elections approach.

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