Jester’s Court — February 8, 2013


politicsHillary Clinton and Marco Rubio are the frontrunners for the 2016 presidential nomination according to a new PPP poll.

news67% of Americans think video games are a greater danger than guns.

awkwardPaintings of George W. Bush naked. Way too much information.

foolishEfforts to remove a Virginia county supervisor are running into difficulty because his sodomy conviction wasn’t a felony.

OopsPolitwoops – deleted tweets from politicians.

OopsA staffer with access to Congressman Raul Labrador’s Twitter account lost his job after accidentially tweeting, “Me likey Broke Girls.”

quotesDonald Trump called Karl Rove a “total loser.”

deceptionFive anti-science bills in four states have similar language opposing evolution and climate change, suggesting that the bills are part of a national coordinated campaign.

governmentsIdaho is bucking the trend for marijuana decriminalization.

governmentsMissouri wants to decriminalize marijuana for the entire state.

internationalSouth Korean soldiers now have orders to shoot back immediately if they come under attack.

internationalThe document proclaiming the end of the Soviet Union is missing.

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