Jester’s Court — February 9, 2013


governmentsThe Department of Homeland Security’s civil rights watchdog has concluded that travelers along the nation’s borders may have their electronics seized and the contents of those devices examined for any reason whatsoever — all in the name of national security.

governmentsIn Arkansas, if you don’t pay your rent, then you may face jail.

governmentsThe North Dakota Senate approved a measure that would outlaw abortion by defining a fetus as a person.

internationalPolish lawmakers can’t quite bring themselves to elect a transsexual lawmaker as deputy speaker because she makes them feel uncomfortable.

doubtfulA Virginia Congressman argued for more gun control because he doesn’t think Americans should be able to use Stinger missiles.

misfortuneNew Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is the latest elected official to have her email account hacked.

provocativeRon Paul filed a complaint against and The complaint calls on WIPO to expropriate the two domain names from his supporters without compensation and hand them over to Ron Paul.

newsAerosmith’s Steven Tyler is expected to make an appearance at Hawaii’s State Capitol to support a bill that would let celebrities sue people for taking invasive photos.

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