KKK to Protest Renaming of Memphis Park Originally Named After Klan Founder

Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorial in Memphis (Source: Dox Txob (CC))

Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorial in Memphis (Source: Dox Txob (CC))

The “Exalted Cyclops” has spoken. The Klan is outraged that Memphis, which is 63% African-American, is renaming three parks to less inflammatory-sounding names. Confederate Park will become Memphis Park; Jefferson Davis Park will become Mississippi River Park; and Forrest Park will become Health Sciences Park.

Forrest Park was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general known for massacring black Union soldiers. Forrest is buried at the park.

The name change is not surprising. What is surprising is that it has taken so long to unhonor those who were on the wrong side of history.

That brings in the “Exalted Cyclops,” which seems appropriate to have only one eye for seeing things a biased, prejudiced way. He is calling for a rally to undo the name changing. This isn’t going to be the typical Klan rally of half-a-dozen hooded racists surrounded by hundreds of protesters. Nope, this is supposed to be one of the big-time Klan rallies.

“It’s not going to be 20 or 30. It’s going to be thousands of klansmen from the whole United States coming to Memphis, Tennessee,” said the exalted one, who is so proud of his position that he only goes by the name Edward.

That would make this a big event. There hasn’t been a Klan rally this big since the 1920s. The Southern Poverty Law Center says there are four Klan groups in the Tennessee area and doubts if they have the membership to hold a rally of that size. It will probably be difficult for them to put together even a rally of 20 or 30.

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