Marco Rubio Blames God for Dry Mouth

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s awkward grab for some water during his State of the Union rebuttal is just that — awkward. It doesn’t reflect on Rubio’s ideology or competency anymore than Barack Obama’s reference to 57 states or Joe Biden’s suggestion for a disabled man to stand up. It’s one of those funny moments when the powerful and famous reveal that they are still just people.

Instead of  admitting that he was thirsty because he had just taped a version of his speech in Spanish as he originally did, Rubio has a new version for his awkwardness:

“God has a funny way of reminding us that we are human.”

This in itself is funny. That God would cause dry mouth in Marco Rubio when there is an entire universe to deal with is difficult, no pun intended, to swallow. If something as minor as that is caused by God, then let’s just toss the entire free-will concept into the trash heap. Less funny is Rubio’s reference to God in this context. It says something about his mindset.

If God reminded Rubio that he is human by making him thirsty on national television, it would seem that Rubio’s vision of a God that mundane would also have been compelled to save the young children at the Sandy Hook school shooting. If only the shooter could have had dry mouth to compel him to pick up  a glasses of water instead of guns. A nudge on that meteor to have it explode over a more remote area of Russia would have saved 1,200 people from injury. I bet the people who spent hellish days on the disabled Carnival cruise ship are not pleased to be reminded that they are human either.

The problem with Rubio’s thinking for a politician is that God becomes a justification for what they want. Barack Obama’s reelection could be taken as God’s will, but I doubt if Rubio will ever mention that. Yet Rubio thinks he is important enough to catch God’s attention for a Supreme Being joke or something.

If Rubio thinks that he is important enough for God’s attention for a drink of water, just imagine how he must think God supports his political ideology. Thinking about that is enough to cause dry mouth.

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