Mark Sanford’s New Campaign Ad Mentions Grace, God and Second Chances

I have to wonder how Mark Sanford’s Argentine fiancee feels about their relationship being called a “mistake.” Yet this is part of his redemption race for the U.S. Congress, along with a healthy dose of God and forgiveness.

The former South Carolina governor was supposed to slip away into the political sunset, but his campaign in a Congressional special election may bring him back into elected office. He has the name recognition. American voters are generally the forgiving type too. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if voters will forgive him after lying to his staff, the media, his wife and kids and using taxpayer funds to travel to Argentina to see his mistress.

Sanford’s campaign is hard to accept because he has made God a focal point, mentioning Him in interviews and now in this campaign video. God is always mentioned with “forgiveness” or “second chance.” In this video, Sanford also mentions grace. I can’t find where anything Sanford has done deserves God’s grace or is even graceful.

Sanford believes that God has forgiven him. If that is what he believes so be it, but that should be a personal matter of conscience, not a political talking point.

Welcome to the Sanford for Congress campaign, where we are going to hear plenty of talk about God, but witness little god-like behavior.

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