More Details on Nebraska Lt. Governor Sheehy’s Foolish Cell Phone Use

ricksheehyfoolAs more details come out about Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy’s improper phone conversations come out, it is becoming increasingly evident that he was living a fairly complicated life. Sheehy maintained relationships with multiple women at the same time, although two claim that there was nothing sexual in their late night and up to an hour-long calls.

Sheehy made 2,302 calls over four years to four women that exceeded over 28,000 minutes. The calls happened early in the morning or late at night. All this on a state-issued cell phone. State law prohibits the use of state phones for non-essential personal use. Perhaps Sheehy’s argument is that it was essential for him to use the phone because it was the only way he could keep track of so many women.

Sheehy made nearly 500 hours of calls over four years and it never once rose to enough significance I his mind that he should be making these calls on a private phone. The hubris of politicians like Sheehy borders on foolhardiness. Stories about former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford or presidential candidate John Edwards makes it clear that those who don’t cover their tracks well are going to have their deeds uncovered. Yet officials like Sheehy continue as if the rules don’t matter to them.

Sheehy has been the subject of longtime rumors that he was having an affair. His wife filed for divorce last summer, calling the marriage “broken.” With Sheehy and his four other women, she must have figured six was a crowd. Interestingly, Sheehy’s phone contact with her was sparse and short, rarely exceeding five minutes.

One of the women has said that she had an affair with Sheehy that went on for years but finally ended in June of 2012. She said that Sheehy promised to marry her, and she even began extensive renovations on a house expecting as much. But that woman wasn’t even the subject of most of his calls.

Another woman, who appears to be avoiding public comment received over 75% of Sheehy’s calls and time spent talking. It can only be guessed the promises Sheehy made to her.

Two other women were also part of Sheehy’s lenghty and multiple calls. Both claim that there was nothing sexual or improper in the nature of the calls.

One of these two women claims to have met Sheehy only once. Although her calls only numbered a few dozen, and she contends they were only talking about things like golfing and hunting, her comment about breaking off contact with Sheehy is telling:

“I have a feeling I wasn’t the only friend he had,” she said.

If there was nothing sexual in the conversations, why should it matter? Maybe Sheehy didn’t have an affair going with all these women, but all of them knew the road they were travelling down.

Sheehy had already raised $200,000 for his gubernatorial campaign next year, but that campaign is dead. However, he’s going to need to need to beef up the minutes on his private cell phone contract now.

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