Nebraska Lt. Governor Resigns After 2,000 Late Night Calls to Four Women Not His Wife

Former Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy was a frontrunner to become the state’s next governor. Now  that won’t happen, after his resignation following a public records request for his cell phone records. It seems that Sheehy has made over 2,000 calls to four women over the last four years. Many of these calls are late at night. None of them were to his wife, who filed for divorce last year.

This is some world-class deception. Sheehy didn’t just have his wife and a mistress to keep track but three other women as well. Presumably, he didn’t have something going with all five at once. Lieutenant governor positions are a lot like vice-presidents. They have little to do except to wait. It looks like Sheehy kept himself plenty busy.

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