Secret Found to Why Iran’s New Jet Evades Radar — It Doesn’t Fly

If you listen to the Iranian government, they are turning out state of art military technology that can rival anyone. The reality is that they try disinformation on the same scale as North Korea.

The latest question about Iran’s technological prowess came from its claim that it sent a monkey into space and returned it to earth safely. The problem with that is the before and after pictures of the monkey featured two different primates. Iran now claims that they just got their monkey pictures mixed up.

Now it looks like Iran is caught in a twofer embarrassment. The Iranians recently made the claim that their new stealth fighter, the Qaher-313, has radar-evading capabilities. Here is a video of the magnificent technological feat.

Unfortunately, it is all bogus. As David Cenciotti of The Aviationist points out, this thing doesn’t have what it takes to evade radar much less fly. Here’s a video from Iran’s PressTV touting their wonderful new plane.

Here are just a few of Cenciotti’s observations:

The size of the plane is weird. The cockpit seems to be too small, to such an extent a normal pilot doesn’t properly fit in the ejection seat. Have you ever seen a pilot with his knees above the side borders of the cockpit and his helmet well beyond the ejection seat’s head pad?

Overall, the plane seems to lack the characteristic rivets, bolts all aircraft, including stealthy ones, feature. Images released so far show it as a plastic-made aircraft.

The engine exhaust misses any kind of nozzle. The use of afterburner (or, simply, the engine temperature) would possibly melt the entire structure of the jet.

The cockpit is too simple: the front panel lacks the typical wirings while it features few instruments of a type you expect to find on small private planes. Some readers have noticed the airspeed indicator is limited to 300 MPH.

There we have it. A miniature plastic jet without an exhaust nozzle that tops off at 300 MPH – if it could fly. This is such a poor job at deception that it makes the entire Iranian government look like a joke. It shouldn’t be a surprise considering that they can’t keep their monkey pictures straight. We can only hope that their nuclear program is running with the same degree of efficiency.

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