Tennessee State Senator Continues Foolish Anti-Gay Campaign

staceycampfieldfoolTennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield has made anti-gay efforts his personal crusade. Campfield is particularly concerned about anyone mentioning homosexuality in the schools. In his own take of “What will the children think?,” Campfield introduced bills in the Tennessee legislature the last two years seeking to prevent any mention of homosexuality up to the eighth grade. This year’s bill is different. It would require counseling and parental notification of any student determined to be gay.

Stephen Colbert sums up Campfield’s anti-gay positions better than I can. Here’s a video from his show. The first four minutes are about Campfield.

Of course, what really makes Campfield stand out on this issue is his interview with TMZ. Of all the places for a conservative Tennessee State Senator to agree for an interview, TMZ shouldn’t be near the top of the list. This exchange between TMZ and Campfield is particularly noteworthy:

TMZ: If they’re going to engage in homosexual acts anyway, why not teach them how to protect themselves?

CAMPFIELD: You know, you could say the same thing about kids who are shooting heroin. We need to show them the best ways to shoot up. No, we don’t. Why do we have to hypersexualize little children? Why can’t we just let little kids be little kids for a while? Why do we have to have little kids be…

TMZ: Do you believe in sex education period?

CAMPFIELD: If you can show me where it works, great.

So the problem with Campfield is not just teaching children about what gay means, it is sex education in general. Campfield’s peculiarities don’t stop here.

When Todd Akin made his rape comment last year, guess who came to support him? Yep, Campfield. From his personal blog, Campfield referred to a website that said stress can lead to a miscarriage. The website stated that a raped woman is stressed so the chances of miscarriage are more likely. While that may be true, that is not what Akin said, but Campfield likes to keep his distance from facts that might counter what he believes.

From Metropulse is a summary of Campfield’s tenure as a legislator since 2005.

He has tried to join the legislative Black Caucus. He has pushed for bills to issue death certificates for aborted fetuses, and to force women to look at fetal ultrasound images before having an abortion. He has lobbied for the right of both faculty and students to bring guns onto college campuses. He has proposed a range of legislation on things like child support, orders of protection, and sexual-abuse allegations, that, as a Nashville Scene blogger put it a few weeks ago, seem to derive from a sense “that women are crazy lying bitches men need protecting from.” He is bothered by the existence of gay-straight student alliances, and he is passionate about a bill that would forbid any discussion of homosexuality in elementary or middle schools. He wants to eliminate the state’s pre-kindergarten education programs.

Campfield has a strong interest in children, women, abortion and gay issues. Interestingly, Campfield, who is 44, has never married and has no children. Maybe Campfield is just a dedicated public servant who has a mission in life.

But I doubt it. There should be no surprise if we find that Campfield is arrested in a Tennessee bathroom someday claiming a natural “wide stance” or caught in his car with a male prostitute. To be this anti-gay and never married or had children suggests that there is some heavy repression going on.

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