Jester’s Court — March 2-3, 2013


northkoreaNorth Korea makes up its own rules for basketball.

doubtfulArizona Gov. Jan Brewer thinks that Barack Obama is going to release hordes of illegal immigrants into her state as “payback.”

governmentsTexas legislators are concerned that hobby drones are being used to spy on environmental violations by businesses.

internationalBelarus comes out in favor of D.C. voting rights.

internationalChina’s live television broadcast of the moments before several executions has generated considerable criticism.

internationalSwitzerland will vote on an initiative that would give shareholders a say on executive pay.

internationalObama for governor…in Kenya.

internationalIsrael’s health ministry will look into allegations that contraceptive injections were done in a deliberate attempt to reduce births in the Ethiopian Israeli community.

mediaArticles written by conservative American pundits, but paid for with money from the government of Malaysia, appeared in a number of U.S. media outlets between 2008 and 2011.

politicsJust a few years after Proposition 8 passed banning same-sex marriage, Californians now support same-sex marriage 2 to 1.

politicsMitt Romney’s “thank-you tour.”

cronyismAfter failing to reappoint a commissioner, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad nominated his son to the Iowa Natural Resource Commission.

provocativeThe 15 smartest and dumbest presidents.

quotesSouth Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s opposition to the Voting Rights Act: “What Justice Scalia said, to me, was, ‘The 15th Amendment of the Constitution ain’t got no concerns for me because I’m white and proud.’”

videoColorado might ban a common shotgun used in hunting.

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