Jester’s Court — March 5, 2013


internationalApparently, Saudi Arabia still crucifies criminals.

internationalSouth Africa is running out of rape kits.

internationalThe Vatican, Iran and other religious states are resisting efforts by a U.N. conference to demand tougher global standards to prevent violence against women and children.

newsThe U.S. is fed up with drunk U.N. diplomats.

newsMicrosoft owes the Danish treasury $1 billion in unpaid taxes.

newsMayoral candidate Marco McMillian, found dead last week along the Mississippi River levee, was beaten, dragged and set on fire.

inappropriateNew York Rep. Jose Serrano praised Hugo Chavez after the Venezuelan leader died from cancer.

inappropriateAn aide to a Wisconsin lawmaker feared for her safety after the legislator brought a gun to the Capitol without a concealed-weapons permit and took a box cutter to the statehouse on another day.

foolishEight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs said that the federal government needs to act or lose the chance to nullify Colorado and Washington’s laws legalizing recreational marijuana use.

governmentsAirline passengers will be able to carry small knives, souvenir baseball bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes under a policy change by the head of the Transportation Security Administration.

governmentsBarack Obama could order the use of deadly force against an American inside the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a letter to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

governmentsTexas Rep. Louie Gohmert introduced an amendment to a continuing resolution on the federal budget that seeks to block President Obama from using federal funds for any future golf outings until White House tours are reinstated after sequestration budget cuts.

politicsPoliticians think Americans are more conservative than they actually are.

OopsAn atheist group that misquoted former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a billboard in Texas is apologizing to the Republican and correcting the mistake.

awkwardDisgraced former Congressman Bob Ney doesn’t care much for House Speaker John Boehner.

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