Anonymous Hacks North Korea Twitter Account; Kim Jong-Un Pig Photo Posted

Just a day or so ago, Anonymous announced that it was turning its attention to North Korea’s social media accounts. Anonymous is a loose group of hackers who have gone after Scientology, government corruption, homophobia and other issues. The members are most often associated with Guy Fawkes masks in public. When Anonymous announced it was going after North Korea, the results were bound to be fun.

The group struck first at the North Korean Twitter account. They satirized Kim Jong-un by making him look like a pig with a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his belly. Underneath is the text, “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.”

Their message and their picture are right on.

Now just imagine the party hack in charge of the Twitter account when he realized what happened. North Korea’s soccer coach lost his position and was transferred to a job as a construction worker after the soccer team lost an important game. The coach was following the game plan ordered by Kim Jung-il. The guy in charge of the Twitter account is probably hoping that his fate is as good.

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