Someone Needs to Tell Newt Gingrich What a Smartphone Is

Newt Gingrich is baffled. He has this wonderful cellphone that takes pictures, accesses the Internet and does all sorts of non-phone things. Poor Newt has a problem with that. He doesn’t know what to call this multi-tasking gadget in his hand so he’s asking for help on naming it.

Little does Newt know that the device already has a name: smartphone. If someone wants to continue calling it a cellphone that shouldn’t be any big deal either. The world isn’t going to fall apart just because a smart cellphone can also act like a television or a computer.

Speaking of computers, the original purpose was to compute. That involved mathematical equations, not video, audio, word processing and the thousands of other things computers can now do beside add and subtract. We’re still buying computers that do more than compute so even if people like Newt bumble through life without being sure what to call it, he still will have the need for one just like he will still need one of those cellphones or whatever someone wants to call them.

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