Ted Cruz Birth Questions Expose Birthers’ Empty Argument

A prime example of double standards can be found in how Barack Obama’s and Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president is playing out.

For nearly six years, birthers have claimed that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but Kenya. Despite an American-born mother, the birthers have steadfastly argued that Obama cannot be a “natural born citizen” because he was not born on American soil.

Obama was born on American soil in Hawaii. Even if he had not, he would still be accepted as a “natural born citizen” because he was a citizen at birth via his mother. Although legally nebulous, natural born is considered the alternative to naturalized. Yet birthers argue that the President is a pretender in the White House.

Accepting their argument means that both Obama and Cruz should be ineligible. Cruz had the exact same situation that the birthers claim happened to Obama. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. Both Obama’s and Cruz’s fathers were nationals of another country. That should close the case on Cruz, at least in the birthers’ minds.

It doesn’t.

The degree that those who want to run Obama out of office will go stretches reason beyond incredulity. In the video below, two women comment on Cruz’s birth location. The first states that Canada is not really a foreign country. The other says the disagreement over Cruz and Obama is ordinary politics. She claims that Democrats will dismiss Cruz’s elibility; Republicans will dismiss Obama’s.

Partisan politics is when two sides disagree over things that can be interpreted differently. Canada and Kenya are foreign countries, period. Even if the birther argument is accepted, then Obama is legitimate if Cruz is.

Perhaps that is what the hoopla is all about. It is simply partisan politics. Yet no one hears Democrats asking for Cruz’s birth certificate. If it was just partisan politics, then why did no Republicans question Clinton’s, Carter’s, Johnson’s or Kennedy’s birth? Because it is more than partisan politics. It is race.

The woman in the video does not see Canada as a foreign country, but I have a hunch that if asked about the third neighbor of North America, Mexico, she wouldn’t feel the same about it. It is not a coincidence that this birth junk came up with the first non-white president. It is also not a coincidence that Canada is predominantly white and Kenya is black. Dig under the partisan claims and the bantering that Obama is a Muslim, socialist or Nazi, and the real reason for the abiding hate is that his father was a black African. It’s getting harder and harder to dismiss the ugly shadow of racism.

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