Anthony Weiner Has Become a Parody of Himself

anthonyweinerfool2Of all the sensational sex scandals of the last few years, from Mark Sanford to Eliot Spitzer to John Ensign to Larry Craig, Anthony Weiner’s tweeting should be a footnote. He didn’t run off to South America and leave the tab on his homestate. He didn’t buy expensive hookers while violating a law that he helped create. He didn’t have an affair with a best friend’s wife and pay thousands to keep it quiet. He wasn’t caught in a bathroom stall seeking gay sex while championing a voting record against gay rights. Weiner’s scandal of stupid tweeting looks more like the mischiefs of a twelve-year-old seeking attention than a real attempt for an affair.

Weiner could have saved his political career if he had been a little more patient. If he had stopped tweeting to young women after he resigned from Congress, then his scandal would be settling in as old news. Yet Weiner saw an opening for the New York mayoral position. And he continued his x-rated tweets after his resignation. It has always been a position that he coveted. He might be through with his scandalous tweeting now, but it is too late. He didn’t wait long enough before running for office to gain a second chance from the voters.

Once leading the mayor’s race, Weiner has fallen to a distant fourth or fifth, while polling single digits. His political career is over. It is over because Weiner has done everything a politician embroiled in a scandal should not do: He repeated the scandal, ran for office and began acting desperate. The desperate is really coming out now.

The Weiner campaign has turned into a comedy show. It is as if Weiner is trying to spoof political campaigns. Every day or so, Weiner is off doing something strange. He is posing with meat or speaking in a fake British accent to a reporter. The last incident has him doing a very poor Jamaican accent. Some politicians could be tainted with accusations of racism for this poor judgment, but for Weiner it is just sad.

There was a time when Weiner was a brilliant legislator with a vision, now he is a joke and a freight train barreling off the tracks toward an inglorious crash. It’s getting painful even to watch him.

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