Obama Net Worth: Not As Good As You Think 0

Obama Net Worth: Not As Good As You Think

As the commander and chief of the United States of America, President Obama stands at the forefront of the country. In this day and age a man is measured by the size of his...

Obama Immigration Reform: Path to Citizenship 0

Obama Immigration Reform: Path to Citizenship

With the recent executive order, President Obama has helped move forward on the issue of immigration reform. What the executive order covers specifically is a number of changes in regards to those individuals that...

obamacare penalty 0

Obamacare Penalty: Sign Up or Pay the Price

The Affordable Healthcare Act otherwise known as Obamacare is, despite the belief, not universal healthcare. What it is instead is a law that requires health insurance providers to offer comprehensive coverage, at “affordable” rates....

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness 0

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loans are typically the first major debt a person has to contend with once they become an adult. Sadly, the vast majority of students are not informed about student loans outside of handing...

Jester’s Court — November 27, 2013 1

Jester’s Court — November 27, 2013

The NSA intended to use online porn viewing habits of terrorist sympathizers to discredit them The list of news agencies boycotting the use of official White House photography is growing, over what it says...

Iran according to Mitt Romney 1

Romney’s Middle East

Foreign policy is Mitt Romney’s weak point. The debate last night proved that. Barack Obama won handily. Yet defeating an incumbent in a debate on foreign policy is a near impossibility. The experience and...

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