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John Boehner Fails at Not Signing Up for Obamacare

House Speaker John Boehner made a big deal about not being able to sign up for Obamacare last week. He even tweeted his frustration. Actually, he conducted a successful application and health care representatives tried to contact him to confirm … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Rob Ford?

Voters always ask for candor in a politician. In Rob Ford, Toronto voters have more than they bargained for. It would be refreshing to have a politician like Rob Ford speak without spinning every sentence — if his comments were … Continue reading

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Palin Tries to Explain Alternatives to Obamacare and Her Position on Tort Reform

Sarah Palin has the politician’s spiel down pat. Ask her a specific question and she drones on in vague phrases and unrelated subjects. There may not be anyone better at doing this in American politics, except she does this so … Continue reading

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John Boehner’s Office Suggests that Equal Rights for Gays in Workplace Will Lead to “Frivolous” Lawsuits

House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t have control of extremists in the Republican caucus in the House. It now appears that he also doesn’t have much control over what is going on in his office or at least fails to grasp … Continue reading

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Michigan Congressman Says Europeans Should “Applaud” U.S. For Spying On Them

Someone in the Obama administration should bear responsibility for the spying on U.S. allies. The finger pointing is difficult, not so much on where to point it, but because there are so many places to point it. It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Texas Congressman Farenthold: Unpaid Disabled Vets Need to Make Sacrifices

Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold backed the government shutdown and the attempts to tie it to Obamacare. The shutdown riled up a lot of voters in Farenthold’s district. He was interviewed by a Corpus Christi television station, KRISTV, about the political … Continue reading

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Iowa Congressman’s Foolish Towel Comment

There are plenty of fools to be found in Congress as the federal government remains shutdown and time ticks to a possible default on the national debt. While more and more Americans blame the Republicans in Congress for the deadlock, … Continue reading

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Marlin Stutzman Returns to the Obtuse World of Washington Politics

By now, everyone knows Indiana Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s inane quote over the shutdown of the federal government and the Republican Party’s goals. “We aren’t going to be disrespected…We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Texas Rep. Compares Fighting Obamacare to 9/11 Terrorists

The hyperbole is bad enough in Washington. Yet Texas Rep. John Culberson has decided to crank up the exaggerations and fear another couple of notches. Culberson compared the efforts to defund Obamacare to Flight 93’s famous passenger Todd Beamer when … Continue reading

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Foolish Rep. Huelskamp Warns of $1 Abortion Tax in Obamacare

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp is rapidly moving up in the ranks of the fools in Congress. Last week, Huelskamp claimed that the 41 votes to defund Obamacare were just practice ones because number 42 was going to be the real … Continue reading

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