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Fool of the Year: Richard Mourdock

Every election year brings out the fools. 2012 was no exception. With the nation heading over a fiscal cliff because a balance of cuts and taxes can’t be agreed upon by the President and Congress, there are plenty of fools … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is Fool of the Year

Donald Trump has never been a candidate for public office. Nevertheless, at one time earlier this year, he was the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. That is both scary and amazing because Trump is not a statesman, much … Continue reading

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Former Bush Administration Official, Rep. Kucinich may have Advised Libya to the End

Former Assistant Secretary of State David Welch and Rep. Dennis Kucinich maintained close contact with Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan government until just a few weeks ago. Welch, now working for Bechtel, provided advice on how Gaddafi could win the propaganda war … Continue reading

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North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-Il “Fool of the Year”

As the last true communist nation left in the world — even Cuba is changing — North Korea is a world unto itself. North Korea is not even a communist society that Karl Marx could have imagined. It is more … Continue reading

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Fool Of The Year…Silvio Berlusconi

Even though there is a plethora of candidates, who else could it be? Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is Foolocracy’s “Fool of the Year” because there is not another politician like him anywhere in the world. Berlusconi thinks the same. … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin “Fool Of The Year” — You Betcha!

2008′s “Fool of the Year” is Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Out of a list of 20 candidates, Palin was chosen by 23% of Foolocracy’s viewers as the politician who acted the most foolishly over the past year. President George Bush … Continue reading

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“Fool Of The Year” Vote

Today is the last day to select Foolocracy’s “Fool of the Year.” There are 20 candidates to select from and you can vote for as many and as often as you like. One candidate has held a lead from the … Continue reading

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“Fool Of The Year” Update

Because Foolocracy’s “Fool of the Year” voting is not giving results as you vote, I wanted to toss out some results as a little teaser. The results have been remarkably stable from the beginning. The top three positions are unchanged. … Continue reading

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Help Foolocracy Select the “Fool of the Year”

Foolocracy is asking our readers to select the “Fool of the Year.” Realistically, there are more candidates than we can list for a poll. Undoubtedly, there are some very good choices that have been missed, but these are the top candidates we selected. The criteria is … Continue reading

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