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Florida Tea Party Leader Calls Gay Republicans “Thugs” Who Have Taken Over Party

The divisions that the Tea Party is causing for the Republican Party are clearer than ever in Broward County, Florida. A Tea Party leader there has lashed out at the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay group, by calling them thugs … Continue reading

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Monticello, New York, Mayor’s Third Arrest in Five Years Leads to Meltdown

Gordon Jenkins, the mayor of Monticello, New York, was arrested recently for driving while under the influence. In 2011, he pleaded guilty to selling fake goods. In 2012, he was arrested for striking a man and a police officer. In … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Lawmakers Who Voted Against Same-Sex Marriage Get Early Christmas Presents

Someone is unhappy with the 19 members of the Hawaiian state House who voted against same-sex marriage. With Christmas just around the corner, those lawmakers were sent an early gift in the mail: A lump of coal. Rep. Marcus Oshiro … Continue reading

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House Republicans Develop Weird Playbook Graphic Against Obamacare

The House Republican leadership is planning to keep the pressure on the Obama administration over the next few months by focusing on Obamacare. That makes solid political sense. The new program is filled with glitches and needs corrections. That is … Continue reading

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Jester’s Court — November 19, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had a “come-to-Jesus” and has given up drinking. He also said that he hasn’t done drugs for a year. Former conservative New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, released from prison last may for financial improprieties, … Continue reading

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Former DEA Chief Compares Marijuana to Heroin

In the last 30 years, public attitudes toward marijuana and the war on drugs have softened. Yet there are plenty of drug warriors out there who are determined to fight to the end and spend every tax dollar they can … Continue reading

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Louisiana Councilmember Wants to Cut Library Funding because They Teach Mexicans English

In Louisiana, Lafourche Parish Council Chair Lindel Toups wants a new jail built. He doesn’t want to raise taxes for it so he has a suggestion: cut funding for the public library. Toups figures that’s a good place to find … Continue reading

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NSA: We Can’t Tell You How Many Americans Were Spied On Because That Would Lead To More Government Intrusion

In a Senate hearing for legislation focusing on the NSA’s spying on Americans, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken questioned why the NSA couldn’t give more detailed answers regarding its snooping. He is proposing legislation that would reveal how many Americans have … Continue reading

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Jester’s Court — November 11, 2013

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said that even though “60 Minutes” retracted its Benghazi story, he is still going to stall presidential nominations because of it. Sarah Palin compared the federal debt to slavery, but she wants everyone to know … Continue reading

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White Candidate Wins Houston Election by Misleading Voters into Thinking that He is Black

Dave Wilson ran for a seat on the Houston Community College board without expecting to win. Wilson is a white conservative who ran in a heavily black and liberal district. His opponent, Bruce Austin, had served for 24 years. The … Continue reading

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