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Jester’s Court: September 24, 2012

Four former staffers for resigned House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter have been charged with 36 counts of misdemeanor and felony election fraud.

South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell has reimbursed himself more than $325,000 from his campaign war chest since 2008 but has produced no receipts or itemized invoices accounting for the spending as required by state law.

More than 1,000 pastors are planning to challenge the IRS next month by deliberately preaching politics ahead of the presidential election despite a federal ban on endorsements from the pulpit.

Mitt Romney is richer than you may think.

The Obamas will have trouble celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary since it’s is falling on the night of the first presidential debate.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers predict that Mitt Romney will be elected president.

Barack Obama acknowledged in unaired portions of a “60 Minutes” interview that his campaign ads sometimes go “overboard” when it comes to attacking Mitt Romney.

Obama leads Romney 49% to 42% among NASCAR fans. The owners are still solidly behind Romney though.

Yet Romney leads among middle class families.

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s poor debate performances were the resultof sleep apnea.

Bill Clinton hints Hillary in 2016.

Newt Gingrich wants more moon bases in the Romney-Ryan space plan.

The lawmaker who sponsored the bill to create Pennsylvania’s new voter identification law says people who can’t get the photo ID they need to vote “are too lazy.”

Big donors are sending millions in contributions to pro-Marijuana legalization efforts in Washington and Colorado where voter initiatives are ahead in the polls.

A self-described business expert running for Congress in Illinois has not reported earning income from his own consulting firm for the last three years.

A Texas judge temporarily barred Texas election officials from removing thousands of suspected dead people from voting rolls after four living voters complained that they had been improperly identified as “potentially deceased.”

A New Jersey lawmaker wants towns to have a say in the filming of reality TV shows within their boundaries.

An Illinois state Rep. who was expelled from office earlier this year for taking bribes is leading in the polls to reclaim his seat.

Jimmy Carter called Venezuela’s election system one of the best in the world and the U.S. as having one of the worst.

Now Iran is thinking of a preemptive strike against Israel.

The disputed islands between Japan and China have a new complicationadded. Taiwan is sending coast guard and fishing boats to assert its claim them as well.

The Pirate Party has elected a mayor in Switzerland.

A far right French politician has sparked outrage by calling for a ban on the use of Jewish skullcaps in public in the “name of equality.”Ukrainian activists have set up an international training center in Paris to teach women the art of naked protest.

New Zealand grants a river personhood rights.

Abdul Qadeer Kahn, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, is runningfor office.Beer is nuclear safe.

No response is support for Barack Obama.

Orly Taitz Claims Victory in Birther Lawsuit — “I Won!!! I Won!!! I Won!!!”

Those birthers. They are so easy to please. Who would have thought that making them happy could be this easy? Living in a make believe world allows the imagination to believe in everything, even elusive victory.

Orly Taitz, queen of the birthers, filed a lawsuit in Georgia to keep Barack Obama off the primary ballot because he was born in Kenya or somewhere not in the United States. The birther case, completely meritless, has been disproven numerous ways. Nevertheless, the birthers persist in lawsuits and other attention-gathering acts.

As usual, Barack Obama’s lawyers sought to quash the lawsuit. However, Judge Michael Malihi of the Georgia administrative court, refused the order to quash. Therefore, the trial date of January 26 is allowed to continue. Here is Judge Malihi’s ruling:

“In support of his motion, Defendant argues that “if enforced, [the subpoena] requires him to interrupt duties as President of the United States,” to attend a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend. Defendant’s motion suggests that no President be compelled to attend a court hearing. This may be correct. But Defendant has failed to enlighten the court with any legal authority. Specifically, Defendant has failed to cite any legal authority evidencing why his attendance is “unreasonable or oppressive, or that the testimony…[is] irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary to a party’s presentation or presentation at a hearing, or that basic fairness dictates that the subpoena should not be enforced.”

Taitz went absolutely crazy with the news. Here is her headline:

I won!!! I won!!! I won!!! Judge Malihi ruled in my favor. Obama’s motion to quash my subpoena is denied! He has to appear at trial and present all the documents that I demanded to produce in my subpoena!

Taitz, who just wrote one of the longest headlines in internet history, then proceeds to attack all those who have doubted her over the last three years, including birthers. It appears the birther movement if fraught with internal strife as Taitz relates:

It has been 3 years of total nightmare, these people were like a pack of wild dogs attacking me and coming up with each and every accusation in the book. Now I am vindicated. My legal action is with merit.

After her obligatory criticisms of other birthers who doubted her, Taitz proceeds to recount what happened in a Georgia courtroom:

Barack Obama through his attorney Michael Jablonski filed a motion to quash my subpoena and all the other subpoenas. I was attacked yet again in this motion. Judge Malihi just issued an order. Motion to quash my subpoena was denied. Barack Obama, President of the United States will have to appear in court on January 26 and comply with my subpoena and produce all the documents, that I demanded.

Does this mean after giving his State of the Union address on January 24, Obama is going to pack up and head for Georgia? Hardly. It would make for some good theatrics to see the President there and watch Taitz try to cross-examine him.

While it is possible that Taitz may have found a birther judge, Malihi has been on the bench since 1995. I doubt that Malihi has drunk the birther Kool-Aid and is prepared to wash his career down the toilet.

A closer reading of Malihi’s order makes it clear that motion to quash was not dismissed on its lack of merits but the incompetence of Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski. No matter how ridiculous a lawsuit may be, the opposing side must still present its case. Jablonski failed to do that. Malihi even agrees with Jablonski that his court may not have any power to order the president to appear, but Malihi is simply stating, almost pleading, for some legal authority to hang his ruling on. It is rare for a judge to agree with one side in lawsuit when no evidence supporting that position has been given, but that is exactly what is happening here.

Declaring that he has not been “enlightened” with any evidence is a sarcastic remark clearly aimed in Obama’s direction. This still is a country with a rule of law. There has to be some legal precedent or evidence for any judge to make a ruling as significant as a quash. Malihi is right to embarrass Jablonski with a little sarcasm.

The President’s attorneys are probably working this weekend to get their facts in order. Of course, Obama could withdraw himself from the Georgia primary ballot as his nomination is secured and there are no other candidates on the ballot. That would be a fun way to play with the birthers, but it would only awaken this ridiculous controversy further. The one thing clear is that Obama is not going to appear in a Georgia courtroom on January 26 no matter how hard Taitz tries to believe it will happen.