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Alabama Public Service Commission Begins Its Meeting with Prayer Against Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage

Besides the sticky constitutional detail of the separation between church and state, the Alabama Public Service Commission has veered wildly off its mission by beginning a meeting with a prayer against abortion and homosexuality. The APSC’s jurisdiction includes the regulation … Continue reading

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Alabama Lawmaker Confused About Fetuses and Organs

An anti-abortion bill in Alabama would close abortion clinics whose doctors that don’t have admitting privileges at local hospitals. State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin’s bill is similar to other bills being introduced in many states. McClurkin claims it is not … Continue reading

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Alabama Lawmaker Tries to Change Law that Requires Schools to Teach Being Gay as “Unacceptable” and “Criminal”

Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd, the state’s first openly gay legislator, is trying to clean up old, archaic, anti-gay laws. Todd is taking aim at the sex-ed curriculum, which is about as archaic as it gets. She has introduced legislation … Continue reading

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Alabama Secessionist Driven to Activism because the Government Took Away His Topless Car Wash

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of the people signing secessionist petitions? The man behind Alabama’s petition, Derrick Belcher, might provide an insight into that. Belcher once ran a topless car wash in Mobile. Officials shut it down … Continue reading

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Disappointed Candidate Bemoans How Difficult It is to Run Against a Dead Man

In Alabama, Bibb County Commissioner Walter Sansing figured that he would easily win against his opponent Charles Beasley who was trying to reclaim his old seat. Sansing had good reason to believe he should win. Beasley died on October 12, … Continue reading

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Black Alabama Official Accused of Handing Out KKK Flyers

County Commission Chairman Charlie King, Jr. of Lowndes County in Alabama has been caught handing out flyers with the insigna of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and two tea party groups. King at first denied handing … Continue reading

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Contest for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Turning into a Farce

If there ever was a case to be made for not electing judges, Alabama has exhibit “A” to prove it. Last week, the Republican Party nominated former Chief Justice Roy Moore to be their candidate for his old job. Moore … Continue reading

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Alabama Farmers Want Illegal Immigrant Workers Back

When HB 56 passed, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley promised that there were plenty of unemployed Alabamans to take the farm jobs the illegal workers left behind. HB 56 provided Alabama with the strictest immigration law in the country. The law … Continue reading

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Foolish Alabama State Senator can’t Remember why He Called Blacks “Aborigines”

While wearing a wire, most people can recall what they said. It is one of those memorable events that usually stick out in one’s mind. However, Alabama State Senator Scott Beason seems to have memory problems. Beason was part of … Continue reading

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Newly Elected Coroner in Alabama Asks, “Where’s My Transport Van and Morgue?”

  If this wasn’t Alabama, then I probably would be more surprised. Even for Alabama it is difficult to imagine a coroner’s office conducted this way. Earlier this month, Republican Craig Whisenant defeated twenty-year incumbent Coroner Bobby Berryhill in Madison … Continue reading

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