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Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia Move to the Right in Presidential Politics; Alaska Veers Left

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by 6.27%. Not all the results are official yet, but Obama’s victory margin shrank to 3.12% in 2012. In most states, Obama’s victory margin also changed. There are a handful of states where … Continue reading

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Alaska Candidate Removed from Ballot for being Homeless

Being homeless, picking oneself up to get a job and find a place to live requires determination and hard work. Barbara Bachmeier was homeless twelve months ago. Now she works in real estate with a place to live. Add in … Continue reading

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Washington State City Council Candidate Makes Runoff on Platform of Executing “Illegal Aliens”

Loren Nichols, a candidate for city council in Kennewick, Washington, has made it into the runoff with 26% of the vote. Nichols’ candidacy stands out because of his position on illegal immigration. Nichols favors an English-only law, and supports ordering … Continue reading

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Alaska Legislature Nears Adjournment After Passing Only Two Bills in This Year’s Session

  With 12 days left in its 90-day legislative session, Alaska has passed two bills.  Some people might think that a do-nothing legislature is a good thing. In some instances that is true. Nevertheless, with all the problems facing the … Continue reading

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Nominee to Alaskan Judicial Panel Wants to Criminalize Sex Outside of Marriage

This is a story one would expect from Iran, not Alaska. Dan Haase’s nomination is currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but his personal beliefs have some people raising their eyebrows. Haase said that sex outside of marriage should be a … Continue reading

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Joe Miller: “If East Germany Could, We Could.”

There is an easy solution to securing the borders — the East German model. Mount guard posts along the border, mine the fields, bring in the dogs and shoot at will. Miller does not like most things about those German … Continue reading

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The Year Gets Stranger — Murkowski’s Challenging Write-In Campaign

“I’m not much of a poker player, but the analogy I’ve been using is that I’m sitting there and I’ve been dealt a six and an eight. And the guy across from me has two kings showing. And I’m hoping … Continue reading

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LaRouche Supporter Pushes Limits Of Free Speech At Alaska State Fair

Upon first seeing this, the takedown of Sidney Hill, a disabled man at the Alaska State Fair, it looks disturbing. That the man is a loudmouth and a LaRouche supporter is beside the point. These are the people that the Constitution … Continue reading

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Palin “Selflessly” Quit Governorship So She Could Make $12 Million

Sarah Palin’s lawyer announced that the ethics complaint filed against her while governor has been dismissed. Thomas Van Flein also said that Palin’s resignation as governor was a selfless act to save the state money from investigating “inane ‘ethics’ complaints.” … Continue reading

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Bethel, Alaska, Votes To Allow Alcohol…And Votes…And Votes

With a population of about 6,500 Bethel, Alaska, is the 9th largest city in Alaska. It is also is the largest “damp” city in Alaska, or at least it was until October. Alaska has a range of alcohol laws at … Continue reading

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