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Man Who Helped Save Gabby Giffords’ Life Faces Anti-Gay Recall Campaign

Daniel Hernandez Jr., is a hero. He had been an intern for Rep. Gabby Giffords for only five days when he heard gunshots on the day she and others were shot. While most people run away from gunshots, Hernandez ran … Continue reading

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“The Most Uninteresting Man in the World” in Race for Arizona Governor

The Dos Equis commercials featuring “The Most Interesting Man in the World” are witty, at least compared to some of the inane commercials that hit the airwaves. Having a parody of this appearing in the Arizona Governor’s race is quite … Continue reading

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Supreme Court to Hear Invocation Case; Legislator Upset that Atheist Leads Invocation in Arizona

Just as the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a case about prayers before a local government meeting in Greece, New York, similar controversies stirred in North Carolina and Arizona. Greece has a policy allowing all faiths, as well … Continue reading

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Arizona Bill Would Resell Buyback Guns

Gun buyback programs are supposed to clear guns off the streets, but a bill has passed the Arizona House and Senate that would require local governments to resell the guns they bought off the street. Pro-sell legislators call it a … Continue reading

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Arpaio Backer Says Recall Organizer is “Homo” Who “Wants My Nuts”

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is likely to face a recall. Its chances of success are slim as Arpaio was recently reelected to a sixth term in Maricopa County. Still, the controversial sheriff has many political enemies because of allegations of … Continue reading

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Arizona’s New Anti-Science Bill

Arizona State Senators Judy Burges and Chester Crandall have introduced a new bill to “explore” science for students and develop their critical thinking skills. While that sounds like a great topic for young minds, these are just code words for … Continue reading

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Sheriff Arpaio Responds to His Posse Critics: Posse “Well-Trained” and “Covered Liability-Wise”

In Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is defending his decision to post armed members of his posse around schools. To Arpaio’s surprise, some people are not pleased with the idea of law enforcement wannabes hanging around schools with guns. … Continue reading

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Arizonia Sheriff Arpaio Plans to Arm Civilians to Protect Schools from Armed Civilians

This takes the arming of teachers and principals idea to an entire new level. Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has proposed having at least one teacher or the principal at every school having a gun. The same idea has been … Continue reading

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Arpaio Sends “Threats Unit” Investigator to Find Obama’s Birth Certificate; Hawaii Refuses to Accept Arizona Secretary of State’s Reasons for Needing Birth Certificate Verification

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ratcheting up his investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate. This time he is using taxpayer dollars. Arpaio used his cold-case posse of volunteers to investigate the birth certificate earlier this year. The cost to … Continue reading

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Arizona Secretary of State Goes Birther; Threatens to Keep Obama Off the Ballot

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is no longer sure that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. “I’m not a birther. I believe the president was born in Hawaii — or at least I hope he was. But my responsibility … Continue reading

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