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Arkansas Bill would Teach Bible In Public Schools

Rep. Denny Altes introduced a bill last year to teach the Bible in public schools. It passed the state House but died in the senate. Altes has reintroduced the bill for the next session because he feels that the new … Continue reading

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Arkansas Town Prepares to Fight Crime with Patrolling SWAT Teams Armed with AR-15s

Paragould, Arkansas, only has a population of 25,000, but it has a skyrocketing crime rate for property crimes. That has brought the mayor and police chief to devise a plan for crime control right out of a police state. Here’s … Continue reading

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Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia Move to the Right in Presidential Politics; Alaska Veers Left

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by 6.27%. Not all the results are official yet, but Obama’s victory margin shrank to 3.12% in 2012. In most states, Obama’s victory margin also changed. There are a handful of states where … Continue reading

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Another Arkansas Politician Comes Out in Defense of Slavery

There must be a rash of nineteenth-century thinking going on in Arkansas. Arkansas Rep. Jon Hubbard wrote in a book that slavery was a “blessing” for African-Americans because they got to live in America. It appears that according to Hubbard … Continue reading

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Arkansas City Council Forbids Organizations That It Doesn’t Approve

This one has unconstitutional written all over it. The town of Gould, Arkansas passed an ordinance with this language recently: “No new organizations shall be allowed to exist within the city of Gould without approval from majority of the city … Continue reading

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Secessionist to take Office in Arkansas House, Praises “Biblical Government”

Sometimes when candidates ride the voters’ wave, questionable characters get into office. The election for Arkansas’ 26th state representative seat is a case in point. Loy Mauch was elected with over 53% of the vote. Mauch calls himself “very conservative,” … Continue reading

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Arkansas Rejects Resolution Congratulating Obama

A resolution honoring Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency failed in committee at the Arkansas state Assembly by an 11 to 6 vote. Representative Stephanie Flowers introduced the bill in the House Committee on State Agencies and Government Affairs and immediately … Continue reading

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Arkansas Candidate Fights Disorderly Conduct Charge For Profane Sign

In Arkansas, a Green Party candidate for the state Legislature is going to contest his citation for disorderly conduct because he made a campaign sign with the words “chickenshit” on it. Brian Barnett called his Republican and Democratic opponents “chickenshit” … Continue reading

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Ethics Chair Admits Signing Check But Claims Illegal Contribution Came From Wife

Larry Ross, chair of the Arkansas Ethics Commission, has a straightforward excuse for the illegal contribution given in his name to a Court of Appeal’s Judge. Ross says he signed the check, but the contribution was from his wife.  Arkansas … Continue reading

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Arkansas Lawmaker Who Resigned On Sexual Assault Charges Wants His Seat Back

When former Arkansas state Representative Dwayne Dobbins resigned his seat in 2005 during a plea bargain for a felony sexual assault charge, everyone figured he was through in politics. Dobbins, who was accused of fondling a 17-year-old girl, surrendered his … Continue reading

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