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Hidden Camera Catches Austrian Politician having Sex in a Forest

If you are a politician and want to have a little adventurous sex, then a motel room usually works. Better yet is a tryst in a forest where nosy hotel clerks might not recogize a well-known person. However, this intimate … Continue reading

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No Fugging Way, Austrian Village Changes Name but It’s Already Taken

The poor townsfolk of Fucking, Austria, just can’t win. The residents decided that after years of ridicule by English speakers that it was time to change their name to something less giggly. There was just one problem. The name is … Continue reading

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Fucking, Austria, Considering Name Change

The good people of Fucking, Austria, have had it with English speakers. Since the end of World War II, this small Austrian village has been the target of jokes, pranks, insults and plain old rudeness. A few years ago, this … Continue reading

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66 Years Later, Austrian Town Revokes Honorary Citizenship for Hitler

The Austrian town of Amstetten, known as the home of Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years in a cellar, has tried to close a chapter on another demon of its past. With just two right-wing members abstaining, … Continue reading

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Austria Uses Druids To Keep The Roads Safe

The Austrian motorway authority, ASFINAG, has the responsibility to make Austrian highways as safe as possible. In pursuit of that goal, some unconventional and non-scientific methods have been attempted. That includes the use of druids. The druids have sought to … Continue reading

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Beer Name Upsets Mayor Of Fucking, Austria

A German brewer has received permission to setup a brewery in the small town of 100 people and name the brew “Fucking Hell.” Fucking Mayor Franz Meindl is not at all happy about the development. He says there is no … Continue reading

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Austrian Army Ad Called Sexist

If you know German, you won’t have any problem with this ad. If you don’t know German, it doesn’t matter. You will get it. The Austrian army has had some difficulty recruiting young men to be soldiers. The solution? Make … Continue reading

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Austrian Town Tired Of People Having Sex By Its Sign

You have to feel for the residents of Fucking, Austria. It is pronounced “fooking,” by the way. For those skeptical, Fucking is a real place. It is in Wikipedia, Snopes, Mapquest, and you can find it on Google Earth. The … Continue reading

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