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King Amendment Major Hurdle in Farm Bill

It wasn’t just the food stamp program that prevented the passage of a farm bill. The next hurdle is the King Amendment, by Iowa’s fool-in-residence Rep. Steve King. Of course, the food stamp program was separated from the farm bill … Continue reading

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Rep. Steve King Seeks to Undermine State Sovereignty on Regulating Agriculture

The House of Representatives finally passed a farm bill in July, but its version bears some signficant differences from the farm bill being put forward by the Senate. One of the most controversial of those differences is a proposal by … Continue reading

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San Diego Mayor Wants City to Pay Sexual Harassment Legal Bills

If San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has one thing, it is audacity. Filner believes that he can save his job by attending a two-week therapy session on sexual harassment. A growing recall movement may not be convinced that this will … Continue reading

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The Egg Versus the Tenth Amendment

Iowa Rep. Steve King is usually critical of the federal government’s intrusiveness into states’ rights. That makes his amendment to this year’s farm bill philosophically difficult to accept. In 2008, California voters passed a law requiring that egg-laying hens have … Continue reading

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California Lawmaker Proposes DUI Law Allowing Arrest of Those Without A Drug Prescription

California State Senator Lou Correa wants to strengthen the tools that law enforcement has for arresting drivers under the influence. Alcohol is relatively easy to test with blood alcohol levels of .08 or physical tests to perform. Other drugs are … Continue reading

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Former California Mayor Claims Stupidity as Defense Against Corruption Charges

The trial of the former mayor of Bell, California, has gone to the jury. Oscar Hernandez was one of eight elected officials and administrators in the city of 38,000 to face corruption charges. One top administrator took an annual salary … Continue reading

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Archaic Rape Law in California Doesn’t Protect Unmarried Women

A 1872 California law has overturned the rape conviction of a man who pretended to be her boyfriend after she had fallen asleep from a night of heavy drinking. The woman’s boyfriend had been with the woman but left after … Continue reading

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“School District Equivalent of a Payday Loan”

Schools may be facing tight budgets but some California schools are facing even costlier problems with capital appreciation bonds that require 10 or 20 times the initial cost to pay them back. NPR laid out the story of two school … Continue reading

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Condom-Mandated Porn may End Los Angeles’ Reign as Porn Capitol

Los Angeles voters have probably driven a $1-2 billion industry from its city. Measure B, which would require porn performers to wear condoms, passed with 56% of the vote earlier in the month. Now that the dust has settled on … Continue reading

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Vote No on Measure B; Keep Porn in LA

I am certain that this is a first. The first time that a political ad has been run against condoms. Porn stars Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy are urging Los Angeles voters to cast their votes against Measure B. Measure … Continue reading

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