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India Documents Hundreds of Drone Incursions by China, Which Turn Out to be Jupiter and Venus

Since August of last year, the Indian army has documented 329 sightings of unidentified aircraft flying over a high-altitude lake shared by India and Tibet. Those aircraft violated Indian airspace 155 times. Add in the military standoff a few months ago … Continue reading

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China’s Environment Minister Calls His Department One of Most “Embarrassing in the World”

With news that the pollution in northern China is so horrendous that it has sapped five years off the lives of people living there, China’s Environment Protection Minister Zhou Shengxian placed blame on his ministry: “I’ve heard that there are four … Continue reading

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China May Impose Death Penalty for Polluters

China has a pollution problem. No one disputes that. It is the price of rapid industrialization over the last thirty years. Estimates place one million deaths a year from air pollution alone in China. There have even been protests over … Continue reading

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China Bans Discussion of Seven Subjects, Including the Privileged Capitalist Class

While the economy in China remains strong, it is not booming like it was a few years ago. Economic growth is heading down, the demographics promise a nation that will look like Europe by the 2030s, and repression is still … Continue reading

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China, Worried about Its Out-of-Balance Demographics, Takes to Chastising 30-Something, Unmarried “Ugly” Women

China has criticized the growing number of women 30 and over who are unmarried. Calling them “left over women,” the Chinese government is trying to shame them into marriage. Yet if China wants to point fingers for this alarming demographic … Continue reading

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China’s New Leaders Ban “Pomp”

China has new leaders to guide the country though this decade, but these communists are proposing radical changes. Changes that include eliminating boring speeches and red carpets as The Telegraph reports: Party leaders will no longer be greeted wherever they … Continue reading

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Dalai Lama Warns that the Chinese are Trying to Kill Him with Poisoned Hair

This sounds more like one of the bizarre attempt to kill Fidel Castro by the CIA than an actual Chinese plot. Yet the Chinese can be expected to try anything. After all, they do back the North Koreans and no … Continue reading

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The Rocks that may Start a War between China and the Philippines

China is exerting its military force more and more in the South China Sea. That is pushing its two main rivals there, Vietnam and the Philippines, closer to the United States. In the meantime, these two nations are left to … Continue reading

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Chinese City to Ban Long Speeches

China may not be a communist country any longer, but the ruling elite still consider themselves communists and make speeches like communists too. The Soviet Union was famous for hours-long speech by top officials that recited the top propaganda of … Continue reading

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Every Province in China is Greece

Larry Lang, chair professor of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said some remarkable things at a lecture recently. His words run counter to the accepted belief that China has a booming economy. On the contrary, Lang claims … Continue reading

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