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Former Colombian Mayor Wants to Give Obama a Donkey to Take Home on Air Force One

The former mayor of Turbaco, Silvio Carrasquilla, is one of Barack Obama’s biggest fans. Carrasquilla, an Afro-Colombian, was elected as Turbaco’s youngest mayor at the age of 23. Over the last few years he has turned Turbaco and its large … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez Upset with Colombian Soap Opera Depicting Him as a Little Dog

  Relations between Colombia and Venezuela have not been good since Hugo Chavez became president. Chavez, who has a thin skin for criticism, is currently upset with a Colombian soap opera that has satirized him. “Chepe Fortuna” was banned in … Continue reading

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Columbia Employs the Ultimate Weapon to Fight Rebels — Christmas Trees

The Columbian army has a new weapon in its decades-long battle against FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. The Marxist-Leninist FARC has been a persistent thorn to the Columbian government since 1964. Columbia sent out elite troops in Blackhawks … Continue reading

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Former Columbian Lawmaker Poses Nude In Jail

A disgraced former Columbian lawmaker has posed nude in a jailhouse photo spread for Soho magazine.  Last month, Yidis Medina was convicted in a bribery scandal.   Medina had delivered her vote to the government for a constitutional amendment in … Continue reading

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Senator Graham Jests With McCain Gone He Gets The Nomination

  Senator John McCain is currently on his two-country tour of Latin America with his two favorite Senators, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. It is hard to know what to call this trip—fact-finding, diplomatic, press event or a summer vacation. … Continue reading

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Chavez Personal Voodoo Doll

Tensions between Columbia and Venezuela are near the boiling point. To ease that, a Columbian designer has come up with Hugo Chavez Voodoo Doll. It is really more of a pincushion.   One description calls it a “fake” voodoo doll. … Continue reading

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Columbian “Government” Hurt About French First Lady Song

French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is releasing an album with references to Columbian cocaine in a song. The Columbian government is not talking it quietly. “Since this is coming from the mouth of the president’s wife, we consider this statement … Continue reading

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