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Tattooed Artist Polling Strongly in Czech Elections

And here I thought the U.S. was leading the world in weird politics. With 11% of the vote, Vladimir Franz, an opera composer and painter is grabbing 11% of the vote for Czech president. That’s not out of the ordinary. … Continue reading

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Czech President Calls on Army To Defend Against Unification of Europe

Czech President Václav Klaus is not a fan of globalization and the slow grind to European unification. Normally, this is purely a political question. Klaus has taken a different, bit bizarre and undefined approach by calling on the military to … Continue reading

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Czech Police try to Control Traffic with Miniskirt Clad Cardboard Cutouts

In an attempt to reduce traffic accidents at dangerous intersections, Prague decided to use cardboard cutouts of a female traffic police officer. The cutouts were deemed to be a cheaper means to slow the traffic down than erecting traffic lights. … Continue reading

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Gay and Seeking Asylum in the Czech Republic? Please Step this Way for Some Phallometric Testing

Those oppressed because of their homosexuality and seeking asylum in Europe are better off skipping the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the only country in the European Union to rely on phallometric testing to confirm that the male seeking … Continue reading

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North Korea Wants To Pay Off Czech Debt With Aphrodisiac

The decrepit state of North Korea owes some of its old communist allies debts from the days when there were still other communist nations. Specifically, the North Koreans still owe $10 million to the Czech Republic, who hold the IOU’s … Continue reading

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Czech Women Politicians Pose For Sexy Calendar, Compete For “Miss Parliament”

As women enter politics, most shy away from the old stereotypes of sex appeal. They try to present themselves simply as politicians. It is understandable since women were denied the full rights of citizenship until the twentieth century. Margaret Thatcher … Continue reading

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Czech President Calls Global Warming And Communism The Same

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said that those concerned about global warming are advocating the same thing that the communists did — state control.

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Czech Politicians Egged On By Throwers

Politicians don’t like to get egg on their faces, but one Czech politician is having a particularly difficult time avoiding that. Jiri Paroubek of the Social Democrat Party has raised the ire of his opponents to the point that he … Continue reading

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Czech Leader: Obama’s Plan A “Way To Hell”

In the strongest language of any European leader, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek attacked the Obama financial plan.  Toopolanek said the enormous sale of bonds to finance the American spending “will undermine the stability of the global financial market.” Topolanek … Continue reading

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Ignore Irish Vote Says EU Leader

Irish voters recently rejected the Lisbon European Union Treaty. This treaty was a redrafting of the Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters three years ago. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, former French President and drafter of the EU Constitution, has suggested … Continue reading

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