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Morsi Aide a Holocaust Denier

Adding more concern about Muslim Brotherhood extremists occupying the Egyptian government, a top aide to President Mohammed Morsi claims that the Holocaust never happened. Fathi Shihab-Eddim, who is charged with appointing editors to state-run newspapers, has come up with the … Continue reading

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Why is the United States Apologizing for Free Speech?

There is a reason the First Amendment is named first. Take away the right to speak on any subject and the entire concept of a free society is in jeopardy. The other nine amendments mean nothing without the first. There … Continue reading

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Egyptian Protesters Against Hillary Thought the U.S. is Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

A few days ago, protesters threw tomatoes and chanted “Monica, Monica” as Hillary Clinton’s motorcade drove through Cairo. The tomatoes are not unexpected, but the chants of “Monica” were downright strange. Monica Lewinsky is a footnote in history that few … Continue reading

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Egypt Considering “Farewell Intercourse Law,” Allowing Husbands to have Sex with a Dead Wife

Until death do we part, plus six hours. That is the gist of a law being debated by Islamists in Egypt’s parliament. Known as the “Farewell Intercourse Law,” the proposal would allow a husband to have sex with his dead … Continue reading

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Female Candidate for Egyptian Parliament Calls Women “Deficient in Intelligence” to Run a Government

Throughout the world women are abused physically and emotionally, but perhaps the most amazing part of this is that many women accept it as their fault or justified. That same line of thinking is prevalent throughout much of the Muslim … Continue reading

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Activist Challenges Egyptian Society with Full-Body Nude Photo on Her Blog

Revealing a full-body nude picture on a website in the West would be attention grabbing. You can imagine how it plays in the conservative Muslim society of Egypt. Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a 20-year-old Egyptian activist, wanted to strike a blow … Continue reading

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Egyptian Nazis

These Nazis aren’t Aryans. There goal is to advance the Arab race, develop nuclear power for Egypt and, of course, there are the Jews. Weird, but dangerously so.

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Disaffected Egyptians Seeking to Form Nazi Party

Egypt is not the place one would expect to find a Nazi Party. However, a group of Egyptians are moving ahead with their plans to establish the Nazi Party in Egypt with “a contemporary frame of reference.” It is hard … Continue reading

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Mubarak’s Secret Wealth of $40-70 Billion, About the Same Amount U.S. Has Given Egypt During His Reign

The Egyptian protests have been fueled by the ineptness of the Egyptian government to adequately take care of its citizens as well as the brutality of the security forces that  number into the hundreds of thousands. As bad as that … Continue reading

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Hard to Persuade Egyptians that U.S. wants Reform when Tear Gas Cannisters Read “Made in U.S.A.”

It seems that someone in the State or Commerce Departments, or somewhere in the U.S. government. would think that when tear gas cannisters and other items used to suppress demonstrators are sold abroad then a little discretion might be in … Continue reading

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