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Florida Tea Party Leader Calls Gay Republicans “Thugs” Who Have Taken Over Party

The divisions that the Tea Party is causing for the Republican Party are clearer than ever in Broward County, Florida. A Tea Party leader there has lashed out at the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay group, by calling them thugs … Continue reading

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North Miami Mayoral Candidate Who Claimed Jesus Endorsement Places Last

Not even the Pope gets an endorsement from Jesus. So when North Miami mayoral candidate Anna Pierre claimed that she was “endorsed by Jesus Christ,” it is not a surprise that she faced widespread ridicule. That is never a good … Continue reading

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New Congressman Not Intimidated by Congress, Castrating Testicles

Ted Yoho was elected to Congress in the conservative northern panhandle of Florida. He’s a tea party supporter who states that he would never vote for an increase in the debt ceiling. He believes that his unwillingness to follow the … Continue reading

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Disappointed Candidate Bemoans How Difficult It is to Run Against a Dead Man

In Alabama, Bibb County Commissioner Walter Sansing figured that he would easily win against his opponent Charles Beasley who was trying to reclaim his old seat. Sansing had good reason to believe he should win. Beasley died on October 12, … Continue reading

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Nude Photos and Blackmail Bring Investigation to Florida City

Nude photos. Blackmail. An inappropriate relationship. Intimidation. Mix all this together, and it makes for a salacious story from Boynton Beach, Florida. Marlene Ross, a Boynton Beach city commissioner since 2007, was reelected in 2011. Around that time, she developed … Continue reading

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GOP Volunteer in Florida: Obama’s a Socialist Muslim Who Wants to Get Rid of Medicare

Leslie Dougher, head of the Clay County Republican Party in Florida, stressed that this call from a GOP volunteer was completely off the script. That is comforting because if this was the official line from the Republican Party then the … Continue reading

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Rednecks for Obama

This reminds me of a photo that I saw in the 2008 campaign. I believe it was in Ohio where a flagpole was flying the Confederate flag, but next to it was an Obama for president poster. This time it … Continue reading

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The Most Corrupt State in the Nation: Florida

This is a bit of a surprise. Illinois or New Jersey would be more logical choices. Even places like Nevada would seem more likely to be the most corrupt state in America. According to a study by Integrity Florida, 781 … Continue reading

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Obama Flag Stirs Angry Veterans Protest

In Lake County, Florida, the local Democratic Party office flew a flag with Barack Obama’s picture in place of the stars. The flag hung below the United States flag for two months. It was then that local veterans noticed the … Continue reading

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Florida Legislators Argue Over Jay-Z’s Lyrics

Two Florida legislators argued over the lyrics to Jay-Z’s lyrics to “99 Problems.” Both of them got the lyrics wrong. Rep. Alan Williams was closer to getting the lyrics right, but Speaker Dean Cannon had the line from a cop … Continue reading

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