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France Seeks to Train Wolves Not to Eat Sheep

Whoever devised the Maginot Line must still be living in France. In an attempt to control a growing wolf population preying on sheep, the French government has come up with a grand idea. They plan to capture wolves feasting on … Continue reading

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French President Ridiculed for Looking Like a Dwarf During Visit to Britain

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy often wore platform shoes and stood on boxes to compensate for his height deficiency. Along comes his successor Francois Hollande, who might do well to follow Sarkozy’s tricks. It seems that the French have fondness … Continue reading

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French President Sarkozy’s Residence Busted for Internet Piracy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s has pushed through some of the world’s strictest anti-piracy legislation. With that legislation, three violations or three strikes, and Internet service is cut off for the offender. At least 60 French Internet subscribers are on their … Continue reading

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French Law Banning Burqa in Force

A new French law outlawing the wearing of the niqab and burqa in public has taken effect. Those who cover their faces in public face a fine up to $216 and are required to take a citizenship course. French supporters … Continue reading

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French Mayor Orders Removal of Statue Because Breasts are too Big

The mayor of the French town of Neuville-en-Ferrain ordered the removal of a statue of Marianne, the female embodiment of the French Republic. Mayor Gerard Cordon found the statue too expressive in its body design, despite having reviewed the artwork … Continue reading

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French President Sarkozy Refers to French Territory as Part of Germany

I know this is in French, with no subtitles, but this gaffe is about as big as they get. French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a stop in the French province of Alsace where he addressed farmers on some economic issues. … Continue reading

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French President Sarkozy Criticized for Mangling French Language

George W. Bush was often criticized for his twisting of the English language, but he is not alone. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has increasingly been criticized for his “Sarkozysmes.” Sarkozy has been accused of using vulgar words, slang phrases and … Continue reading

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French Mayor becoming Concerned with Doomday Believers Flocking to His Village to Avoid 2012 End of the World

  Perhaps Jules Verne is to blame for Bugarach’s current predicament. Verne drew the inspiration for “Journey to the Center of the Earth” from the many limestone caverns in Pech de Thauze, the mountain overlooking the small French village. After … Continue reading

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Brigitte Bardot … Next President of France?

Retired actress Brigitte Bardot, 76, once one of the sexiest women in film, is thinking about jumping into politics. But not for the people. Non, mon ami. She’s doing it for the animals. Bardot said she’s seriously considering running for … Continue reading

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Protesting France’s Anti-Burqa Ban

Soon it will be illegal to wear a burqa in France. These two French female students found a unique way to protest the law. They wore burqas and miniskirts, attracting considerable attention. One of the students is Muslim, but not … Continue reading

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