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Georgia Lawmaker Doesn’t Believe First Amendment Allows for Making Fun of Politicians

Several Georgia lawmakers are pushing a bill to make obscene photoshopping illegal. A similar bill was introduced last year but failed. The bill does highlight an important issue. Technology allows even a moderately skillful person to manipulate photos and make … Continue reading

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Georgia Lawmakers Hold Meeting about Obama Using Mind Control for UN Takeover of America

To try to understand the kookiness behind a meeting last month of Georgia Republican State Senators, it is important to understand Agenda 21 and the Delphi Technique or at least how they relate to conspiracies. Agenda 21 is a nonbinding, … Continue reading

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Darwin Gets 4,000 Votes in Write-In Campaign Against Congressman Paul Broun

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun made the comment a few weeks ago that the world is 9,000 years old and any science that disputes that, like evolution, is “straight from the pit of hell.” Broun was unchallenged in his race for … Continue reading

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Former Sheriff with 37 Felony Charges Returns to Office as Winner in Georgia Election

When Victor Hill was elected Clayton County Sheriff in 2004, he vowed to clean things up. Instead, the opposite has happened. It was a bad omen when Hill fired 27 county employees on his first day in office and had … Continue reading

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Georgia Judge Accused of Dispensing Justice for Private Favors

A Georgia judge had a bad week last week. Murray County Chief Magistrate Bryant Cochran has been hit with two separate allegations that if true upend the entire concept of impartial justice. First, a Georgia woman, Angela Garmley, came forward … Continue reading

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Georgia Lawmaker Compares Women and Farm Animals

Chickens. Cows. Pigs. Women. What’s the difference, seems to be the suggestion by Georgia state Rep. Terry England. In one of the weirder speeches against abortion, England finds the common ground between abortion and farm animals. “Life gives us many … Continue reading

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Birthers Go to Court in Georgia Without Obama

Orly Taitz and her entourage went to court in Georgia to keep Barack Obama off the Georgia primary ballot. Of course, she claims that Obama was not born in the United States and is using a stolen Social Security number … Continue reading

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Private Prison Charges Prisoners $5 Per Phone Call While Paying $1 a Day

Private prisons are increasingly popular as they find ways to incarcerate inmates cheaper than state and federal prisons can. There is something uncomfortable about the power of the state to suspend a person’s civil liberties, and then passing responsibility of … Continue reading

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Duh! Georgia Dept. of Education Conducts Study that Confirms Absent Students don’t Learn

Associate State School Superintendent Garry McGibboney said that the Georgia Department of Education always suspected that students who miss school don’t do as well as those who aren’t absent, but they didn’t have any proof until they conducted there groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Georgia’s Tough New Anti-Immigration Law is Working because there is No One to Pick the Crops

On May 13, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law HB 87, the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011.” It is one the toughest anti-immigration laws in the country. Employers must compare workers to a federal database and … Continue reading

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