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UK European Parliament Member Refers to “Sluts” Then Calls Reporter “Racist”

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is an anti-immigrant, nationalist group seeking to pull Britain out of the EU. Godfrey Bloom was a member of the European Parliament until two gaffes forced him out of office. First, Bloom responded to a … Continue reading

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British Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Fear a Possible “Lesbian Queen”

You have to hand it to British Prime Minister David Cameron. He knows how divisive same-sex marriage is, and he has seen how it bitterly divided France with widespread protests. Yet Cameron pushed full bore into the issue despite his … Continue reading

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Falklands Diplomatic War Heating Up

Once again, the dispute between Great Britain and Argentina over some small islands in the South Atlantic is turning into heated words. In 1982, these two nations fought the well-known war that kept the islands British. In an unusual move, … Continue reading

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Good Science, Bad Interpretation; The World hasn’t Stopped Warming in the Last 16 Years

This is one of those times were a twisted interpretation of science has completely misconstrued a scientific study. Now an incorrect interpretation is making its rounds through some conservative and libertarian websites as proof that global warming is a hoax. … Continue reading

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A List of Items Banned from London Olympics

Thanks to the Dutch Embassy, here is a list of items banned from the London Olympics. While a lot of these are commonsense, such as illegal drugs and fireworks, there are some items that are odd, if not downright strange. … Continue reading

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French President Ridiculed for Looking Like a Dwarf During Visit to Britain

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy often wore platform shoes and stood on boxes to compensate for his height deficiency. Along comes his successor Francois Hollande, who might do well to follow Sarkozy’s tricks. It seems that the French have fondness … Continue reading

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Argentine Olympic Advertisement Upsets British

Everyone knows the disagreement between Argentina and Britain over the Falklands or Malvinas, as the Argentines prefer to call it. With the Summer Olympics arriving in London this year, one Argentine athlete decided to stir a little patriotism with an … Continue reading

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London Mayor Accused of Suppressing Air Pollution

Suppressing air pollution would seem to be a good thing, but in London it is brewing as a political hot topic just days prior to the May 3 London mayoral election. The Labour Party is accusing Conservative Party Mayor Boris … Continue reading

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Smoking Bans Moving to Prohibit Public Displays

England just joined four other countries in prohibiting the public display of tobacco products. Those other four include Canada, Ireland, Iceland and Finland. Scotland has not joined in that ban. Public education programs and smoking bans in enclosed areas have … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Cameron Accuses Argentina of “Colonialism”

If anyone knows colonialism, it is the British. Setting aside the controversy over the Falklands, it is highly ironic to hear British Prime Minister David Cameron accuse the Argentines of colonialism. The Falklands doesn’t have an easy answer. It is … Continue reading

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