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Idaho GOP Leader Gives Absurd Reason for Overturning Gay Anti-Discrimination Laws

There is an effort in the Idaho legislature to overturn city statutes prohibiting discrimination against gays. The Idaho Republican Party has called on its members to put an end to the growing numbers of cities with laws preventing this form … Continue reading

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Coeur d’Alene Councilmember Calls 911 After Being Called a “Moron”

Idaho politics might be a little too intense for Coeur d’Alene City Councilman Steve Adams. In a city council meeting, city attorney Mike Gridley got within a foot of Adams while using some profanity and calling Adams a “moron.” The … Continue reading

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Idaho Lawmaker Wants to Prepare Students for the Nineteenth Century by Mandating Cursive Writing

Good handwriting is something to be admired, but is it really the subject on which to focus scarce educational resources? For Idaho State Rep. Linden Bateman, it is the big educational issue of the day. Bateman has his supporters, and … Continue reading

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KKK Imperial Wizard Running for Sheriff in Idaho

Shaun Winkler is the Imperial Wizard of the KKK in Idaho. Now he wants to be sheriff of Bonner County. Winkler, who has picketed Mexican food carts and Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, vows to be equal handed at meting … Continue reading

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KKK Snowman in Idaho

Thankfully, most of us do not have neighbors like this. It looks like this white supremacist has riled up his neighbors for sometime with racist displays. However, it is a little discomforting that the local sheriff’s department came by to … Continue reading

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Mayor Resigns, Tells Town They Are Stupid

No one can say Bill Beck is an indecisive politician. He tells it just as he sees it. Beck walked into the last city council meeting in St. Antony, Idaho and announced his resignation as mayor. Beck said the townspeople were … Continue reading

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Idaho Landowner Makes Sign Calling For “Free Public Hanging” Of Obama

The Secret Service is investigating a sign by an Idaho landowner calling for a “free public hanging” of Barack Obama. The cardboard sign has “FREE PUBLIC HANGING” written on it next to “OBAMA” and a noose in the middle. In … Continue reading

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Idaho Congressman Sets Up Campaign Office Out Of His District

Republican Congressman William Sali of Idaho has opened a new campaign office for the First Congressional District race against Democratic challenger Walt Minnick. There is just one odd thing about Sali’s campaign office. It is in the Second Congressional District. … Continue reading

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Idaho Senate Nominee Not On Speaker List For GOP Convention

Bob Kelleher, the 85-year-old former Democrat and Green Party member, has been told he will not be given an opportunity to speak at the state GOP convention in Missoula. Kelleher will instead have a side room to meet and distribute … Continue reading

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