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Congressman Rush Blasts Chicago Gang Arrest Plan as “Upper-Middle Class Elitist White Boy Solution”

Chicago politics has its own style and that is not a good thing. Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk is working with law enforcement on a plan for the mass arrests of 18,000 gang disciples. That is when Rep. Bobby Rush entered … Continue reading

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Gun Control and Castration in Illinois State House Debate

Here’s Jim Scacia, Illinois State Rep. criticizing efforts at gun control as a Chicago problem being dumped onto the rest of the state. Scacia is entertaining and excited as he blasts Chicago, but then he takes his argument to a … Continue reading

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Illinois Legislator Claims Moonlighting Job as Reason He Forgot Gun in Airport Carry-on Bag

Under the right circumstances, it’s conceivable to board an airplane and forget that a handgun was accidentally left in a handbag. However, that is not an excuse. It is a textbook definition for foolishness though. All that foolishness is further … Continue reading

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Illinois Legislator Convicted of Bribery and Expelled from Office Likely to Win His Old Seat Back

Usually when a politician is arrested, charged, convicted of a crime and expelled from office that would be the end of his political career. Ah, but this is Illinois, specifically Chicago. Former state Rep. Derrick Smith was indicted for taking … Continue reading

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Obama Asked to Show Photo ID While Voting in Chicago

I’m surprised that the President carries his driver’s license with him since he isn’t allowed to drive. I’m also sure this is the only time in his presidency that someone has asked for ID verification. Just imagine if he didn’t … Continue reading

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Illinois Lawmaker Throws a Tantrum on State House Floor

It isn’t everyday that lawmakers are found yelling until their face is red and throwing papers in the air, but Illinois state Rep. Mike Bost did that. He gave maybe the year’s best exhibit of anger and outrage. The issue … Continue reading

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Small Town Comptroller Charged with Embezzling $53 Million in Illinois

Dixon, Illinois, has a bit over 15,000 people. That a former city comptroller could embezzle some money is not too big of a surprise. That the comptroller, Rita Crundwell, did it for nearly 30 years without anyone catching on is … Continue reading

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Man Faces 75 Years in Prison for Recording Police

It isn’t just Illinois with this repressive law. New recording technology is putting many Americans at risk for prison time across the country. This Illinois main is facing five counts of wiretapping, potentially four to fifteen years for each count. … Continue reading

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Carol Moseley Braun’s “Strung Out on Crack” Comment (Video)

It was bad enough just seeing this comment in print yesterday. She makes Rahm Emmanuel look as cool and collected as Barack Obama. The only way Carol Moseley Braun is going to become the next mayor is if Chicago voters are … Continue reading

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Chicago Employs Coyotes as Rat Catchers

This is probably a great idea. However, when the first kid gets bitten, you know there will be an outcry over city liability. The Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control is employing coyotes to hunt down rats, mice and other vermin … Continue reading

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