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Indiana Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Prayer in Schools

Fresh off a failed attempt to bring creationism into the classroom and question evolution, Indiana State Senator Dennis Kruse has a new mission. Kruse has introduced a bill to require the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer in schools. Kruse is … Continue reading

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Indiana Legislator Introduces “Truth in Education” Bill so Students can Question Teaching of Scientific Theories

There is a growing attempt by those who believe evolution and climate change are heresies to allow students to challenge teachers who teach these scientific facts. Tennessee passed an “academic freedom” bill earlier this year, Louisiana passed one in 2008, … Continue reading

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Indiana Councilman Says He was Exposing Corruption by Sending Sexy Emails

In Madison County, Indiana, County Councilman David McCartney is a dedicated fighter against government corruption, or so he claims. McCartney is also running for county commissioner in Madison County while working at a temporary job at the assessor’s office. In … Continue reading

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Indiana Lawmaker Claims Girls Scouts are Promoting Homosexuality and Abortions

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris has decided that he won’t support a resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts. In a letter to his fellow lawmakers, Morris said that he talked to some well-informed constituents and did some … Continue reading

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Indiana Secretary of State Removed from Office for Voter Fraud

Things have gone from bad to worse for Indiana’s Secretary of State Charles White. It was bad enough that as Secretary of State White was in charge of elections while facing charges of voting fraud against himself. White has now … Continue reading

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Indiana Legislature May Require Doctors to Misinform Women Who Want an Abortion

If HB 1210 passes the Indiana legislature, which seems likely, and becomes law, it will require doctors to mislead their patients. The bill would impose some of the country’s strictest regulations on abortion. While abortion is an issue that can be … Continue reading

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Fort Wayne Officials Too Ashamed to Name “Harry Baals Government Center” After Late Mayor

No one knows what the name for the new government center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will be, but it is not likely to be the runaway favorite of the public. The city developed an online poll to gauge the public … Continue reading

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Campaign Manager Goes Rogue with Anti-Gay Twitter Comments

Indiana’s 7th Congressional District is generally Democratic, although not overwhelmingly so. For a Republican like Marvin Scott to have a chance, he must avoid mistakes like his campaign manager Steve Solomon just committed. Solomon tweeted numerous anti-gay comments like “Gay … Continue reading

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