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Iranian Official Says Jews Using Sorcery Against Iran

The head of an Iranian think tank and a close adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei announced that Jews are the world’s most powerful sorcerers, and they are targeting Iran. Mehdi Taeb, who seems to have delved a bit too deeply … Continue reading

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Iran’s New Turquoise Submarines

Periodically, Iran shows off its new military technology. Some of the technology has been suspect at times, causing critics to laud the Iranians photoshop skills. The most recent show of muscle by the Iranians is their new submarines. They are … Continue reading

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Iranian Government’s News Agency Fooled by Onion Article

Some of the satirical stories on the internet require a double take. It is easy to be fooled because the world of politics is filled with oddities that are the truth. Usually a look at the original source will give … Continue reading

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Iran: The West Fears Our Video Games

From nuclear weapons to video games. That is the direction that the tensions between the world and Iran is heading. Last year, Iran announced that it was developing its own video game “Attack on Tel Aviv” to counter “Battlefield 3″ … Continue reading

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Iranian Soccer Players May Face Lashing for On Field Groping

Two Iranian soccer players may face up to two months in prison and 74 lashes because one of them pressed his hand into the other’s behind as they jumped on other players in celebration of a victory. While similar things … Continue reading

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Woman Jumps on Ahmadinejad’s Car to Protest

It seems that the economic sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program are creating powerful dissension in Iran. In Bandar-Abbas, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s motorcade was stalled by protesters. The protests were fueled by the declining economic conditions as sanctions … Continue reading

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Iran Bans Simpsons Dolls

First it was Barbie, now it is Bart. Iran’s mullahs are continuing their campaign to rid Iran of Western influence in toy stores. “The Simpsons dolls are merchandise from an animated series, of which some episodes are even banned in … Continue reading

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Iran Confiscates Barbies, Closes Down Toy Stores

Usually North Korea wins it hands down as the craziest government on the planet. Iran does its best to keep abreast with them though. With Iran declaring war on Barbie, can it get much loonier? In its ongoing attempt to … Continue reading

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Obama Asks Iran for Stealth Drone Back

Barack Obama asked Iran to return the RQ-170 stealth drone that crashed on Iranian territory. The official diplomatic response probably came back LOL. The likelihood of returning the drone is on par with the Republicans failing to field a candidate … Continue reading

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Iranian Mob Stole Secret British Invasion Plans During Embassy Attack

When an Iranian mob, considered to include Revolutionary Guard officers as the instigators, assaulted the British embassy last week, they stole many valuable items and destroyed others. Shockingly, they discovered a file marked “Most Secret” in bright red ink in … Continue reading

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