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Kansas Legislator Thinks Kansans Will Become Fat on Grocery Sales Tax Cut

Kansas is in the midst of a debate about taxes. The state Senate and House are locked into two different positions stemming around the sales tax because the income tax is being repealed. Those funds are being replaced by the … Continue reading

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Anti-Abortion Bill in Kansas Would Force Doctors to Lie

A monster 70-page anti-abortion bill is working itself through the Kansas legislature. Its purpose is to make it more difficult to get abortions and to lessen the possibility of women seeking abortions. However, it is loaded with provisions that are … Continue reading

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Kansas Bill would Ban Funding for Sustainability, but Promote Conservation

In Kansas, House Bill 2366 is coming before the Committee on Energy and Environment. The Kansas Legislature lists the Committee as the sponsor of the bill. With 19 members on the Committee, that is an unlikely scenario for an entire … Continue reading

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Going Birther: Kansas Secretary of State Considering Barring Obama from Ballot

The birthers just won’t go away. No matter how convincing the facts and the complete lack of any evidence that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, birtherism has reared its ugly head again. This time the place is Kansas. … Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church Follower Seeks Seat on Kansas Board of Education

On the fringes of any political or religious debate is the Westboro Baptist Church. It is the small group from Topeka, Kansas, that goes to the funerals of dead American soldiers and creates a commotion as mourners congregate. They hold … Continue reading

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Kansas State Legislator Claims Kansas Could Collapse Like Communism

During a radio interview with KQAM in Wichita, state Rep. Charlotte O’Hara stated that Kansas’ STAR Bonds could lead to a fiscal collapse just like with “communism.” “That is why communism collapsed,” said O’Hara. Kansas’ STAR Bonds are Sales Tax … Continue reading

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Kansas Bill to Require Rape Victims to Pay Higher Taxes for Abortions

A bill in the Kansas legislature is taking aim at reducing abortions by remaking the tax code. The bill would halt tax deductions normally reserved for medical expenses when they involve an abortion. Supplemental insurance that is purchased to cover … Continue reading

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Kansas Agriculture Secretary to Feds: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Undocumented Workers

Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman is seeking a waiver from the Department of Homeland Security so that Kansas farmers can legally hire undocumented workers. Kansas is aware that the tough state immigration laws of Arizona and Alabama have created a … Continue reading

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Kansas Lawmaker: “I Have a Spare Tire in my Car” so Women Should Plan Ahead too for Unexpected Things like Rape

Some things really aren’t funny, just scary. Last week, the Kansas legislature approved a bill banning insurance companies from offering abortion as part of their general insurance plans. Kansas state Rep. Pete DeGraaf wanted to carry the bill a step … Continue reading

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Kansas Lawmaker can Identify those in Country Illegally by Their Olive Complexions

Kansas State Rep. Connie O’Brien is being asked to apologize for a comment that she made at a hearing to repeal a law granting in-state tuition to children of illegal immigrants. O’Brien recounted an incident when she was with her … Continue reading

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