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Opposition in Kentucky to Implement Uniform Science Standards

In an effort to make science curricula more uniform across the country, the Kentucky Board of Education approved the Next Generation Science Standards. The standards were created from the input of education officials of 26 states. Those standards include facts … Continue reading

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Former Kentucky Ag Commissioner Charged with 42 Ethics Violations, Including Using State Employees to Chauffeur His Dog

Former Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner, the aptly named Richie Farmer, has been charged with 42 counts of ethics violations. Through his attorney, Farmer is pronouncing his innocence. Yet with this many charges, it is hard to imagine that at least something … Continue reading

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Kentucky Bill Would Allow Discrimination Against Gays in Name of Religious Freedom

Kentucky House Bill 279 threatens to kick civil rights backwards, especially for gays and lesbians. Basically, the proposed law would allow someone to ignore Kentucky law if it conflicts with that person’s religious beliefs. The bill has passed the House … Continue reading

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Kentucky Cities Forbidden from Regulating Guns

A new state law in Kentucky forbids local governments from creating laws regulating guns. For example, the new law forced the city of Crestwood to remove “firearms” from an ordinance regulating deadly weapons. A machete, a stick or a tire … Continue reading

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In Case You Think Your City Council is a Mess, Here’s Walton, Kentucky

In the little town of Walton in northern Kentucky, the 3,635 residents don’t have to go far for entertainment. The monthly city council meetings will do just fine. Of course, if good government is the priority, entertainment is not a … Continue reading

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Kentucky Legislators Upset that State Tests Treat Evolution as a Fact

Once again, science is under assault by a horde of ignorant politicians who are failing to understand one of the most basic principles of scientific thought. Some Kentucky lawmakers are concerned that a new state testing program developed by ACT … Continue reading

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Kentucky Governor Proposes $50 Million Less for Education While Maintaining $43 Million Tax Break for Creationist Park

In an austere budget, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has maintained the same funding for K-12 schools. However, because of population growth, education would need $50 million to keep pace with the previous years spending levels per student. That didn’t happen … Continue reading

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Efforts To Remove Kentucky’s Antiquated Oath Of Office On Dueling Runs Into Opposition

Kentucky’s oath of office for public officials has an antiquated part that usually draws a few snickers when it is read. It bars dueling. “I, being a citizen of this state, have not fought a duel with deadly weapons within … Continue reading

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Senate Candidate Caught Saying “I Don’t Need This Job”

Kentucky‘s Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo is running for the Senate seat Senator Jim Bunning is vacating in 2010. He narrowly lost in 2004 to Bunning. Governor Steve Beshear followed up by choosing Mongiardo as his running mate for the 2007 gubernatorial … Continue reading

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“Bring Your Guns to Church” Day Planned

What could be more patriotic than religion … and firearms? That’s right. A church in Louisville, Ky., is inviting “responsible handgun owners” to bring their guns there to celebrate the Fourth of July and the Second Amendment. New Bethel Church … Continue reading

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