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Louisiana Councilmember Wants to Cut Library Funding because They Teach Mexicans English

In Louisiana, Lafourche Parish Council Chair Lindel Toups wants a new jail built. He doesn’t want to raise taxes for it so he has a suggestion: cut funding for the public library. Toups figures that’s a good place to find … Continue reading

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Louisiana State Senator Guillory Leaving Strange Political Legacy

Once in a while, an elected official comes along who is hard to pigeonhole as a Democrat or Republican. That is not such a bad thing. Showing some independence is badly needed in today’s fractured world of American politics. Of … Continue reading

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Once Again, Louisiana Legislature Rejects Repeal of Law Allowing Teaching of Creationism

Every year an attempt is made to overturn the Louisiana Science Education Act, which has little to do about science or education. The 2008 law allows supplemental materials to be introduced into the classroom under the guise of critical thinking. … Continue reading

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Louisiana Gov. Jindal: Let’s Expose Kids To The “Best Facts” By Teaching Creationism

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has long been a proponent of teaching creationism and intelligent design in the schools. It is not a surprise that he is pushing that topic again. After all, he was a proponent of the Louisiana Science … Continue reading

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Louisiana Judge Rules Woman has Right to Make Christmas Light Display Flipping the Bird

A Louisiana woman took an argument with her neighbors to a new level this holiday season. She fashioned Christmas lights on her roof in the shape of the human hand flipping the bird. As expected, some of the neighbors were … Continue reading

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Louisiana Lawmaker Hodges Tries to Defend Foolish Belief that Christian, Not Muslim Schools, Should get State Funding

Louisiana state Rep. Valarie Hodges is doubling down on her statement that Muslim schools should not get funding from a state voucher program that provides taxpayer dollars for religious schools. Last week, Hodges was shocked to learn that the voucher … Continue reading

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Louisiana to Allow Private Schools to Spend Tax Dollars for Curriculums of Their Own Choosing

Louisiana is about to embark on a radical change of its public school system, exceeding anything done in any other state. Children from poor and middle-income families will have the opportunity to take state-funded vouchers to private schools. However, enrollment … Continue reading

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Louisiana Politician Seeks to Ban Pajama Wearing in Public

In Louisiana, Caddo Parish Commissioner Michael Williams has finally figured out what is ailing America — pajamas. Specifically, it is pajama wearing in public. “The moral fiber in our community is dwindling,” Williams says. “If not now, when? Because its … Continue reading

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Louisiana City Councilman Caught Sending Explicit Picture Involving His Underwear

Another politician has been caught sending photos of his underwear into cyberspace. This time it is a city councilman in Kenner City, Louisiana, and it happened in 2009. The incident is only now coming into the open, but the outcry … Continue reading

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Louisiana Legislator Who Sought to Induce Women into Sterilization now Seeks to Ban All Abortions

Louisiana state Rep. John LaBruzzo has introduced HB 587 that would change Louisiana’s feticide laws to include abortion. Feticide is the killing of a human fetus, but it is usually directed at criminal acts such as rape or assault. LaBruzzo … Continue reading

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