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Maine Gov. LePage Says State Senator “Gives It to the People Without Vaseline”

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has been in a battle with the state legislature over the budget. His recent anger turned onto State Senator Troy Jackson. The Bangor Daily News reported on the vulgar comment that LePage made, which was just … Continue reading

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Maine Legislator Claims that a Man’s Brain Superior to a Woman’s

Maine state Rep. Kenneth Fredette is opposed to the implementation of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion into Maine. In response to claims that the health care plan has financial benefits for Maine, Fredette noted that nothing is really free. His point is … Continue reading

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Head of Maine GOP Alarmed that Hundreds of Black People Voted in Rural Maine

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster wants everyone to know that he isn’t a racist. It’s just that he noticed a lot of black people in rural Maine that shouldn’t be there. “In some parts of rural Maine, there were … Continue reading

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Maine Republican Party Leaders Bungle Caucus Results

This is why parties should not be allowed to run their own elections in selecting candidates for public office. Party squabbling and politics often becomes nasty, misleading and downright filled with distortions. The Republican Party chairman in Maine declared Mitt … Continue reading

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Newly Elected Mayor of Lewistown, Maine, Vows His Opponents will “Feel the Penalties”

Normally, when a candidate wins an election, there is a conciliatory effort to reach out to the opposition. The newly elected mayor of Lewistown, Maine, Bob MacDonald, carried a lot of anger from his narrow victory. He repeatedly commented about … Continue reading

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Maine Governor: “People Pay Taxes, Eagles Don’t”

Maine Governor Paul LePage is has acquired a reputation for saying what he believes in the short time that he has held the governor’s office. That has ruffled some feathers. This time it was eagle feathers. At a meeting in … Continue reading

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Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty

The small town of Sedgwick, Maine, has declared itself independent from the state of Maine and the United States…on the issue of food. Sedgwick, with a population of 1,100, has become the first place in the nation to declare “food … Continue reading

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Maine Set to Preempt Pennsylvania at Making the Whoopie Pie the State Dessert

Of all the things to worry about, the Maine legislature has decided that designating a state dessert is paramount. Of course, even dessert cannot be without controversy. Rep. Paul Davis introduced HP59 designating the whoopie pie as Maine’s official dessert. … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is Better Not to Use Abbreviations

Yes, this is not timely. It happened months ago, but I just discovered it. Next time it is probably best that they spell out Maine.

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Maine Republicans Ransack Classroom Find “Anti-American” Document Known As The Constitution

Last weekend, the Maine Republican Party held its convention at the Portland Exposition Building near King Middle School. Some of the activities spilled out of the Exposition Building so the Republican Party rented rooms from the school. Republican Party members … Continue reading

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