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Mexican Politician Sues to Nullify Election After Her Opponents Call Her a Prostitute

A Mexican candidate who failed to gain the nomination of the National Action Party (PAN) for a seat in the Zacatecas state legislature has announced that she is going to sue to nullify the results of her party’s nomination. Giselle … Continue reading

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Former Playboy Playmate Steals the Show at Mexico’s Presidential Debate

Don’t expect to see this happen at the Obama-Romney debates. No one was probably expecting this at the first Mexican presidential debate either. Julia Orayen, a former Playboy playmate, appeared on stage to pass out cards to the four presidential … Continue reading

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$9 Billion for US–Mexico Border Fence; 18 Seconds to Climb it

The U.S.–Mexico border fence cost $2.4 billion to build. Some have estimated that is about $4 million a mile. It will also cost $6.5 billion to maintain it for the next twenty years. That is about $9 billion total for … Continue reading

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20-Year-Old Criminology Student Becomes Police Chief of Violent Mexican Town

  Marisol Valles Garcia is the epitome of courage. Perhaps she is foolish or idealistic, but she has the courage that few people ever show. For a 20-year-old woman to take the job as police chief in one of the … Continue reading

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Cartoon Upsets Mexican Government

Is the Mexican flag off limits in regards to free speech,  just like as some want with depictions of Mohammad? Let us hope not, but cartoonist Daryl Cagle received strong criticism from the Mexican embassy and some Mexicans for portraying the Mexican … Continue reading

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Mexico To Implement Eye Scanners To Track Citizens

I don’t know about this. It sounds cool on television, but in real life it is creepy. Leon, Mexico, a city of one million, is planning on laying down miles upon miles of fiber optic wire connected to a central … Continue reading

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Arpaio Finds No Humor In Mexican Tourism Ad

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, is demanding that Arizona apologize for a tourism ad. The ad appears menacing with a soldier looking through binoculars with the headline “In Sonora, we are looking for people from Arizona.” At first … Continue reading

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World Militaries Using “Magic” Wands To Detect Weapons And Drugs

Human Rights Watch criticized a British-made wand as “worse than a roll of the dice” at detecting drugs and weapons. The wand, known as the GT 200, even caught the attention of the British government. The British are considering legislation … Continue reading

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Naked Protesters Call For Mexican President’s Resignation

On Monday, five women slipped into Mexico’s legislative building to protest the policies of President Felipe Calderon. The women stripped naked and called for the resignation of Calderon. The women unfurled a banner that read “We are exposing our bodies … Continue reading

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Mexico Has Lost An Island

Off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is the island of Bermeja. The island can be found at 22° 33′ N, 91° 22′ W. This island was first mentioned in a 1539 book published in Madrid. It is not a huge … Continue reading

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