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Michigan Close to Enacting Medical “Moral Objection” Law

Michigan is on the verge of adopting legislation that will allow health care professionals and facilities to opt out treating patients based on their “conscience.” Conscience is defined as “sincerely held convictions arising from a belief in God or the … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmaker Banned from Speaking on House Floor because She Said “Vagina”

Although Michigan Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas stated that it was the way that Rep. Lisa Brown used the word vagina that caused him to bar Brown from speaking from the state House floor, Brown adamantly differs. Brown spoke out … Continue reading

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Michigan Mayor Compares being Gay to Cigarette Smoking

In Michigan, Troy Mayor Janice Daniels is facing a recall. One of the issues she is facing criticism is over is her anti-gay stance, which involves tagging gays with the word “queer.” Although she did this prior to becoming mayor, … Continue reading

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Milan, Michigan, Mayor Orders Barrier Before City Council to Keep Public from “Charging” Her

Back in February, a city council meeting in Kirkwood, Missouri, resulted in five people being slain by a disgruntled citizen.  It is rare that a tragedy of that scope happens. In many small town political meetings, people get heated, upset … Continue reading

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10% of Republican Michigan Voters Consider Santorum “Too Liberal”

The recent results from Public Policy Polling has Mitt Romney narrowing Rick Santorum’s lead in Michigan to 4%. Michigan is crucial to Romney’s campaign because he was born and raised there. Plus, his father was governor in there in the … Continue reading

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Controversy in Michigan Over Sexism and Hookers

Sometimes it is hard to tell if this is a fourth-grade class or a state legislature. First, Michigan State Senator Rick Jones called a female lobbyist, Kelly Rossman, a “hooker” as reported from “As an elected Senator I am … Continue reading

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Dearborn puts Terry Jones and First Amendment on Trial

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who burns Korans, is on trial in Dearborn, Michigan today. Actually, it is not Jones on trial, but the First Amendment. Jones represents one of the cases in free speech that most people would like … Continue reading

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Failed Congressional Candidate Sues Facebook, Claims it Cost Him the Election

When Facebook yanked Republican Congressional candidate Majed Moughni’s Facebook page last June 10, that was the end of his campaign. Or so alleges Moughni, who is now suing Facebook. “I had no chance without Facebook. They disorganized us in the … Continue reading

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Is Poor Judgment a Crime?

Evan Emory is guilty of poor judgment, but he faces 20 years for a child pornography charge that did not involve any children witnessing or partaking in pornographic scenes. Emory came to a classroom and performed a G-rated song while … Continue reading

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Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Generates Controversy

The ads played during the Super Bowl have become as big as the game itself. At $100,000 a second, the producers try to make them noticeable, but oftentimes they are just hard to figure out. In the case of the … Continue reading

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