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Mississippi Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Miscarriages to be Prosecuted as Manslaughter

A trend to prosecute women for manslaughter when they miscarry and have drugs in their system is growing in places like Mississippi. While it is possible that illegal drug use can cause a miscarriage, it is also nearly impossible to … Continue reading

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Mississippi Passes “Anti-Bloomberg Law”

Before taking a look at an interesting piece of legislation in Mississippi, here’s a recap on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to limit the size of sugary drinks. Bloomberg has been stalled by a judge who said the … Continue reading

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Mississippi Gov. Bryant: Who Needs Healthcare When We Have Emergency Rooms

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is going to stop as much of Obamacare as he can in his state. His reasoning is simple: There’s no need to begin a new, expensive healthcare program when all that needs to be done is … Continue reading

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Mississippi Governor Bryant: “The Left’s One Mission in Life is to Abort Children”

This is why true political debates are so rare these days. Politics has become a game of hyperbole. Whoever can say the most outrageous thing gets the attention. After that, everyone just tries to one up the outrageous with something … Continue reading

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Alexandra Pelosi’s Two Controversial Videos Target Conservatives and Liberals

Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said that she didn’t do any extraordinary editing of these videos. What was cut was just more of what you are seeing. These two videos cover two totally different slices of … Continue reading

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“Satan Wins” as Mississippi Personhood Initiative Defeated

Mississippi Lt. Governor Phil Bryant spelled out as clearly as possible what would happen if Initiative 26 went down to defeat. Initiative 26 would define that once an egg is fertilized, then it is a person. “This is a battle … Continue reading

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Mississippi to Consider License Plate for KKK Founder

If organizations like Sons of Confederate Veterans want to keep history alive, that is well and fine. History is history. It is well to remember the good and the bad. Those who honor the Confederacy today do so with the claim … Continue reading

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Ex-Mississippi Mayor Wears Pants for the First Time in Five Years

Five years and five months later, Eddie Favre has decided to put on his pants. His long pants that is. The former Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, mayor vowed to wear only shorts until his town recovered from the devastation of … Continue reading

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KKK At Ole Miss

The chancellor of the University of Mississippi has ordered that “From Dixie with Love” be removed from the school band’s play list at football games. That was too much for the local chapter of the KKK who protested at the university. I have to … Continue reading

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African-American Mayoral Candidate Wants To Bring Back Noose To Mississippi

A Republican black mayoral candidate in Jackson, Mississippi wants to bring back the noose to fight crime. George Lambus is the only Republican in the dozen-candidate field for the office. He is considered a long shot in the heavily African-American … Continue reading

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