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Missouri Setting Standard for Nuttiest Anti-Evolution Bill

Attempting to read Missouri State Rep. Rick Brattin’s bill to promote creationism and redefine basic scientific concepts is a hair-pulling venture into the absurd. Brattin has been a longtime opponent of the teaching evolution. In the past, he has proposed … Continue reading

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Missouri Voters Approve Student’s Right to Reject Classwork Based on Religious Belief

With over 82% of the vote, Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to pray. Of course, the U.S. Constitution has granted that right in the First Amendment since its ratification in 1789. No law prohibits anyone in … Continue reading

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Missouri Legislator Announces that He is Gay in Stand Against “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Missouri House of Representatives member Zachary Wyatt announced that he would not seek reelection this year. It is now clearer why he took that position. Initially, Wyatt stated that he was going to Hawaii to study Marine biology. However, Wyatt … Continue reading

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Missouri Birther Bill Passes State House

The advocates of HB 1046 claim that it has nothing to do with Barack Obama. In that case, it is just coincidence that for the first time since its admission as a state in 1821 that the Missouri House felt … Continue reading

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Missouri Considering Legislation Declaring Scientific Theory is Explained by Faith-Based Philosophy

Every once in a while a piece of legislation comes along that is so outrageous it is hard to believe. Missouri State Rep. Rick Brattin is responsible for the current example. He has introduced legislation, HB 1227, to promote the … Continue reading

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The Secret Morgue of Joplin

If those in charge of disposing and identifying the dead of Joplin, Missouri, want to keep the media from photographing the bodies, then that is fine. Next of kin do not need to know that a relative is in the … Continue reading

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Missouri Lawmakers Vote on Requiring Vasectomies for All 12-Year-Old Males

In a Missouri debate on a bill toughening late-term abortions, opposing sides took to offering strange and unusual amendments. State Rep. Tishaura Jones proposed an amendment to the bill that read “all male children shall have a vasectomy before the … Continue reading

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Missouri Town Stands Up to Fred Phelps and Westboro Church

  Kudos to the people of Weston, Missouri, who took all the parking spots and filled the protest area that was designated for the Westboro Church. The hatemongers of Westboro came to protest the funeral of an American soldier who died … Continue reading

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Missouri Legislator Allegedly Threatens To Kill Political Rival

Politics is a dirty game, especially in the primary race for a Missouri State Senate seat between fellow Republicans Brian Nieves, a state representative, and Richard Stratman, mayor of a local city. In the days prior to the election, an email circulated alleging that Nieves … Continue reading

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July 4th Fireworks Another Budget Casualty

Tough economic times in the United States lead to tough budget decisions, as many cities are finding out this year. And that means no fireworks for the day celebrating the nation’s independence. July Fourth will be quieter and less colorful … Continue reading

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