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New Hampshire Legislator Uses Bestiality Satire as Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

With 424 members, the New Hampshire legislature is the largest legislative body of the 50 states. Having a large legislature does have its benefits, including allowing a diversity of opinons. Unfortunately, when a large legislature is coupled with a small … Continue reading

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Meet the Thirteenthers: New Hampshire Legislator Compares Woodrow Wilson and Adolf Hitler, Claims Constitution is Void

New Hampshire State Rep. Stella Tremblay has a reputation for latching onto conspiracies and never letting go. She is a birther and also holds onto the erroneous belief that Abraham Lincoln removed the original Thirteenth Amendment from the Constitution, replacing … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Lawmaker: “Some People Like Being in Abusive Relationships”

New Hampshire State Rep. Mark Warden spoke in favor of a bill that would lessen domestic-abuse violence from a misdemeanor to a “violation-level offense.” This would put these crimes on the same level as a speeding ticket. Fortunately, the bill … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Proposes Restricting Freedom to Keep Out Free Staters

New Hampshire is targeted for the “Free State Project.” Essentially, it is geared to motivate libertarian-minded individuals to move to New Hampshire and takeover the state politically. The organizers of the movement believe that they will create a utopia-like society … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Blames Kindergarten for Crime

New Hampshire state Rep. Bob Kingsbury, an 86-year-old freshmen legislator, has spent the last 16 years trying to determine the causes of crime. He has had a hypothesis over that time that he thinks proves one of the sources of … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Shouts “Sieg Heil” During Floor Debate

New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien demanded that Rep. Steve Vaillancourt be removed from the House chambers after a heated argument between the two ended with Vaillancourt shouting into the mike “Sieg Heil.” The House had been debating a voter … Continue reading

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New Hampshire House Rejects Warning Signs for Those Entering Massachusetts

By a 285-16 vote the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down a bill that would have placed warning signs along roadways entering Massachusetts. The proposed signs would have read: Warning: Massachusetts Border 500 Feet WMUR reported on the reason … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Debates Laws to Make Spouse Beating Easier

Fortunately, New Hampshire’s HB 1608, a law that would have restricted police enforcement of protective orders, is dead. HB 1608 was twice scheduled for a hearing with opponents packing a state House committee’s hearing room. Twice the sponsor of the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Places Second in New Hampshire…in the Democratic Primary

Ron Paul finished second in the New Hampshire Republican primary to Mitt Romney. We all know that. Surprisingly, Paul also received enough write-in votes in the Democratic primary to place second. Although Barack Obama received over 81% of the vote, … Continue reading

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Guess What the New Hampshire State Amphibian is? The Spotted Newt

A portent of things to come? The results may not come out well for Gingrich on election day, but Gingrich shows every sign that his attacks against Romney over the next week are not going to be clean.

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