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New Jersey Lawmaker Foolishly Proposes Video Game Ban for Video Games That Don’t Exist

New Jersey Assemblywoman Linda Stender proposed regulating violent video games in public places last week. Although the legislation has not been written, some language for it has already been drawn up. That language is likely to be modified now. In … Continue reading

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Ex-Candidate Slashes Opponent’s Tires

This is what is called holding a grudge. In New Mexico’s First Congressional District Janice Arnold-Jones challenged Gary Smith’s petitions to run as a candidate for that office. A judge agreed, striking Smith from the ballot. Fast forward nine months … Continue reading

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Emergency Toilet Paper Supplies Keep City Buildings in Trenton from Closing

Trenton just became the poster boy for bad government, although the real disaster of closing government buildings over a shortage of toilet paper was averted. Last night, the Trenton City Council approved a $16,000 order of emergency toiletry supplies that … Continue reading

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New Jersey Politician Resigns After Political Opponent Posts Nude Pictures

Another day, another political sex scandal, but this one from New Jersey is a bit different. Louis Magazzu, serving as a Cumberland County Freeholder since 1997, abruptly resigned after nude pictures of himself were posted on a political opponent’s website, … Continue reading

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Springsteen for New Jersey Governor?

  If it wasn’t just hypothetical, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might be given a run for his money by Bruce Springsteen, but the Boss is not a politician. He would probably fare worse than Schwarzenegger as an actual governor, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Legislation Proposes Restraining Orders to Protect Pets

New Jersey domestic violence protection is going to the dogs and cats. Fish and reptiles too. Just about anything that can be considered a pet may get state protection if A1633 becomes law. The bill, which passed the House Judiciary … Continue reading

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New Jersey Town Considering Limit on Chicken Sex

It is a sad time for roosters in the Hopewell Township of New Jersey, because chicken mating may be limited to 10 days a year and no more than five consecutive nights. The townships’ ordinance was drafted because of the … Continue reading

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New Jersey Governor Christie Facing Criticism from Conservatives for Appointing Muslim as a Judge

  Ever since his election last year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been the darling of many on the right. His name has even been mentioned as a Presidential candidate. Suddenly, Christie may have damaged his reputation enough that he … Continue reading

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Another Obama Game…But Is It Okay?

Last week, at a Pennsylvania church carnival, one of the games let a player shoot at a likeness of Barack Obama. Special bonuses were awarded for hits to the heart and head. The connection to assassination was just too heavy … Continue reading

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July 4th Fireworks Another Budget Casualty

Tough economic times in the United States lead to tough budget decisions, as many cities are finding out this year. And that means no fireworks for the day celebrating the nation’s independence. July Fourth will be quieter and less colorful … Continue reading

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